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Default Wrongly banned. Completely lost and defeated

Well, hello everyone who reads this.

I am new to this forum and wasn't a frequent visitor while I was playing. Now that I am banned, hehe, and have more time to come and seek for help.

I was logging to the game as usual when a message appeared stating that I am caught engaging or assisting real world money trading for in game items/gold. My account is banned and terminated permenantly.

Well, let's just say I am COMPLETELY destroyed by this message. This is something I DID NOT do. I sent a ticket to the customer support, requesting them to invesitage my game log.

You know, I just want to vent here. The customer service is SO horrible. There are no phone services which you can follow up on your inquiries. And now I am beaten with this aweful feeling that my game account along with my characters and progresses will be lost forever even if they discovered that they have banned me wrongly.

What the hell man? What is there to do? Am I right in my assumption that my account and characters and items are forever lost even if they do re-open my account for me?

Finally, I just wanna vent again. Horrible horrible horrible customer services. Is there anything else I can do besides waiting?
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I'm afraid not - all you can do is keep on at support.

I'm sorry, there is nothing we can do for you here
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