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Default GW not starting windowed in Win7

I did a quick scan down the front page of this section and the Software subsection, clicking on anything that might be related, and didn't see anything, so anyone telling me to search can just piss off.

Anyway, I just installed GW on my new laptop (AMD Phenom quad core and ATI Mobility 5650) with windows 7, and have a couple recurring and annoying issues.

First off is as the title states: it won't start up windowed. On my old computers it did this every time without fail...start up in a window and no problems. Now, it always reverts to full screen, regardless of how I set the compatibility.

Second issue is whenever i start up the game and it has an update...whenever the splash window swaps to the second download and load-up, it starts up Windows Media Center. It also starts it up when I exit out of GW. This is definitely more annoying than the first issue because Windows Media Center has no internal setting options to disable this feature.

Any suggestions to fix these?
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go to whatever shortcut or whatever your using to start up guild wars.

right click and go to properties.

under the shortcut tab in the bar that says target.

Remove the -mce from the end and add -windowed.
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Old Dec 17, 2010, 05:17 AM // 05:17   #3
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Nice...wonder why it won't change it automatically any more. thanks.
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