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Old Jan 12, 2011, 09:27 PM // 21:27   #1
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Default XP Crashing on Shutdown


Got a bit of an issue on my girlfriends netbook, that i'm borrowing to use for revision in the library as i only have a desktop. She won't be best pleased if i give it back a bit broken

It was her dads before and she asked me check it and such so i got ccleaner and avg and ran them all hunky dory nothing found, 6 reg errors fixed etc.

However now the computer shuts down when it reaches "Windows is Shutting Down" on the blue screen it just hangs there, curiously though restart does work. I've investigated it on the internets and tried the following suggestions with no avail:

- disabling all startup entries in msconfig
- checked that automatic restart was disabled in case of system failure (it was)
- i reentered the registry things that ccleaner deleted
- running User Profile Cleanup

It's always had a SQLDumper error come up at login however i figured this wasnt a huge problem and not cause of the new issue as it's always had it, but figured i'd post here case it's relevant.

Also, after the first time this happened i ran CCleaner again and it found 129 reg errors, but it was after i made it install 5 microsoft updates so i'm guessing that caused that.

Any help greatly appreciated, as i can't imagine unplugging the battery when it hangs everytime i turn it off is doing it any good.

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Old Jan 13, 2011, 01:09 AM // 01:09   #2
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Trying to remember if XP comes with a diagnostic startup option in msconfig because that is a good place to start.
This removes everything but bare essentials and you can then turn everything back on bit by bit assuming it shuts down normally with everything off.
Turns off all but essential services too.

You could also try running the system file checker which as it suggests checks all the important windows files for missing or corrupted versions.
You may well need to have your windows xp cd when this is used.

check out sfc on microsoft for usage or use this link if your too lazy to type lol

I find PCs hanging on shutdown or startup happen a lot of the time with windows waiting for a driver down.
Often installed software have their own version of a windows driver and all is fine till an update.

I also fine the first couple of reboots after a big update can be a little slow as if the system is making adjustments.

anyway I am an untrained pc user with some experience so you may want to await someone more expert.
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Old Jan 13, 2011, 06:23 AM // 06:23   #3
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You could try reinstalling latest service pack (SP3)
Sometimes it helps to reinstall Internet Explorer ( IE8 ) also.
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Old Jan 13, 2011, 06:03 PM // 18:03   #4
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I'm not sure how you go about re-installing XP on a netbook. I assume that there's no optical drive. An XP source could be on a partition of the hard drive, or you could use a bootable thumb drive.

In any case, running the XP install and selecting "Repair" may fix the problems.
Specifically, you run the XP install program, and follow the prompts until you get to a point where the install finds the existing XP installation. (This is after the ealier "Repair using the console" option - don't use that unless you know what you're doing.)
Once it finds the existing installation, there should be an option to "Press R to repair this installation" or words to that effect. The repair will not change any of the personal settings, etc., of the installation, and when completed, the system should be back the way it was - same desktop, apps, etc. - but working.

Depending upon where the XP install files come from, you may need to have the appropriate drivers handy. But, if the installation files are on a hard drive partition in the netbook, all the drivers, etc., should be there as well.
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Old Jan 13, 2011, 07:41 PM // 19:41   #5
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AVG is known to be more problematic than helpful. I'd remove AVG completely.

Also, what version of UPHClean are you running?

You could use 2.0, found here: .msi
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Old Jan 14, 2011, 01:08 PM // 13:08   #6
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Before you start removing software and changing things that may not be causing it, does the system event viewer record any programs hanging or producing an error, causing the system to hang.
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Old Jan 14, 2011, 02:29 PM // 14:29   #7
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I second removing AVG ^^

Also, have you checked whether the system already had an AV installed before AVG? Running 2 or more AVs can cause all sorts of trouble.

Try and see if the problem occurs when you shutdown from safe mode too, that should narrow down the search.

Anyhow, if we can't pin down the solution here, I suggest posting in techguy forums, there are professionals there paid to help with these kind of questions
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Old Jan 14, 2011, 06:18 PM // 18:18   #8
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Thanks for replies

Uninstalled AVG as recommended.

Looked in event viewer and there was another error alongside SQL (which was happening prior to shutdown breaking), some SSSHAC or something that turned out to be a trojan

So got superantispyware and it found 25 trojans and a total of 116 threats. Whereas AVG found nothing. Dunno wtf they used this thing for but yeah...

It fixed all that and has shutdown successfully a few times however i just tried it again and it's failed to shutdown once more. I've checked task manager and it hasnt been due to nonresponding programs as far as i'm aware.

The only errors occuring in event viewer and the two SQL in startup. One states that SQL Hangs, then the other that it terminates. IDK if this could cause it.

How do i go about this SQLwriter/dumper failure? Says to uninstall it and reinstall but i have no idea what it is/does and where would i get it?

The UPHClean i got off microsofts website, so i'm not sure what version it was and the program itself doesnt seem to list anything. I'll try that later one.

The system doesn't have any other AV software on it no, however it now has superantispyware and spybot which have run and found/cleaned stuff but hasnt completely fixed the issue sadly.

With regard to running xp install, where would i look for this? Boot options? Or should it appear in my computer. You're also correct that it has no optical drive.

I'm not that computer literate sadly
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