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Old Jan 26, 2011, 06:39 PM // 18:39   #1
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Question GW trilogy Disc version without box

Hi guys!
A friend is selling me the GW trilogy really cheap but without the original box… just the discs. I have never bought disc version, always items from official online store; having this in mind, the game will work in my case where my account was acquired on line?

My friend and I are in different countries; so no access to discs and he doesn’t know about the game because was for one the kids.

Also, was thinking if inside the disc maybe it’s a code or key to login and play and that way no need to mail it… but again this is just a guess.
Please your advice!

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Old Jan 26, 2011, 07:06 PM // 19:06   #2
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Firstly its against the coc to buy a 2nd hand copy of gw.
Secondly if your friend has used the keys you will not be able to use them as they are "used" and you will no way be able to reuse the keys.
Also you can buy the trilogy quite cheap these days.
And you dont actually need him send you all the discs as they all contain the exact same installation - its the keys that unlock where you can go ( each campaign ).
Personally id say - go and buy them from a shop otherwise you are going to pay for a set of disks that are ultimatly worthless.
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Old Jan 26, 2011, 07:07 PM // 19:07   #3
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you don't need the discs to play the game. you can download the client from . it's enough if your friend gives you the account name, password, and a name of a character on the account. note that you need all three of these informations to access the account.
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Old Jan 26, 2011, 08:37 PM // 20:37   #4
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Eithier he's trying to scam you or doesn't know a thing about online gaming. You need the product KEY, the installation discs do nothing but provide you with an offline installation of a large .dat file and the game client. The KEY is used to create an account and provide access to content that the key was meant to. A used key does not work. However, if he were selling you the account (acct name, password, one character name) that would make more sense. However, due to it being "against the ToS" (you will probably never get caught) it's probably better to just buy a copy of the trilogy for mad cheap somewhere.
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Old Jan 26, 2011, 09:47 PM // 21:47   #5
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Just get him to e-mail you the key, then add it into your account.

On the Character Select screen, press the button "Edit Account".

Then Click "Manage Access Keys".

Then Click "Add Key'.
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Old Jan 27, 2011, 02:53 AM // 02:53   #6
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This could be tricky. If the game is used, you are buying a used account as your second account. You are going to need the orginal e-mail address, password and charector name. Once you have the necessary info for the second account; pray your friend confirms the change of e-mail address. This would violate the EULA but it is done quite often.
If the none of the games keys were used then your task is very easy. All you need to do is setup a second account or add the key to your orginal account.

Either way, make sure your friend is going to send you the disks. It is the ONLY way to prove you own the game. If he keeps them and decides that he wants to play, all he would need to do is send in a photo or scan of the disks and you are toast.
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Old Jan 27, 2011, 03:20 PM // 15:20   #7
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Let me try to clear this up a bit:

1. You don't really need the disks. You can download the GW "client" from the website and then download the game as you play or use the "-mage" command to download everything.
2. Even with the Disks, you will probably still need to download tons of updates.
3. If the game is "unused", you only need the "key(s)" to open an account. In any case, disks or not, you will need the key.
4. The key is not reusable - you can't use it to start an account if it has already been used. So, if the key has already been used to open an account, you'd need the account name and password to play. This is technically against the EULA or ToS, but if the account has never really been used, it's in line with the "spirit" of the ToS.
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