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Default Slow download

I was considering buying Guild Wars, so I downloaded the trial first to see if I would like it. Problem is I have to download a ton of files, and these servers seem to be horrible. I can hardly break 100kb/s downloading these files, while other times I download stuff I hit nearly 1mb/s.

This makes buying all the expansions online a problem, thankfully I tried the trial first. So I was wondering if I went and bought the trilogy physically if that would cut back significantly on the files I have to download.

I currently have 108,000 files to download using the trial. Which at these speeds will take a day or so. If buying the games physically will atleast cut the amount I need to download like this in half I will just do that.
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Old Feb 13, 2011, 08:59 PM // 20:59   #2
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If I'm not mistaken, the trial download includes all 3 campaigns. So wait it out and you should have all three games. (I don't think EotN is included)
If you can't wait for the download you can buy the trial disc for around £3 which includes all three campaigns.

I my opinion the game is well worth the effort.

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Each of the game dvds has the files for all 3 games and the eye expansion on them.

You do not need to install all the games one will do then you add the codes from the others to the same account thus linking them all together.

What you would have to still download are all the updates to those files since the dvd was made.
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Old Feb 13, 2011, 09:21 PM // 21:21   #4
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Downloading the game for the first time does take a long time, because there are so many files to download.

I'd highly suggest starting the download before going to bed then having it run overnight.
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Old Feb 14, 2011, 03:10 AM // 03:10   #5
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download overnight while sleeping....
run a image download for faster loading times........

seems trying, but well worth it

and yeah the physical disks have the same installer (or maybe even older?) as the one you can download, so its not really much of a difference
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