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If they are planning on allowing the Survivor title to be obtained after death, then it goes against everything that has ever been said. Legendary Defender of Ascalon REQUIRES death, so after someone gets it, he or she can just farm 1,337,500 experience without dying to get both? That isn't right, they have always been mutually exclusive, why should that change now? I'd also like to take my Paragon into Pre-Searing Ascalon so I can get Legendary Defender of Ascalon on him, so if they allow Survivor to be obtained after death, I better be able to bring my Paragon into Pre-Searing.
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LDoA and Survivor wasn't made mutual by design, technically you can gain both if you just managed to get the xp for it. They just happen to be mutually exclusive now due to deaths required.

Reasong for keeping them mutual in the past has most likely either been to unwillingness by Anet to change either of the titles as they were. Now if survivor change to count experience after last death, I have no problem with it. By all means give people one more point to their HoM if they need and takes the effort for it, don't force people to delete old characters for a mere title.

Originally Posted by North Dragon Slayer View Post
It would be total bullshit, sins can easily do UW and gain 150k exp every hour...
I killed wurms outside Boreal Station using cheap 400g 5-min scrolls, giving 924 exp/kill. The run including killing 10 wurms took 3 minutes so that's average ~3k exp/min, or ~185k/hour... risk free compared to UW, and can be done without ascension that's required to enter UW.

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This is Technician's Corner. The /deaths change has been covered in depth in the latest update thread in the correct location for game discussion - Riverside Inn.
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