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Just looking to get back into GW re-downloaded the game, I went to the ncsoft account changed the PW did the security questions (they were not there when I first started playing) and tried to log in. I have been getting a 227 error ever since. Is there something I am missing here? I cant figure this out I did enter my toon name (as best I can remember) and am still having no luck. Do I need to enter the e-mail address or the account name in the begining or what the hell is wrong here.
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contact support with any old email service provider and let them know the problem, i had the same problem but such requests shouldnt be put on were just users...@

[email protected]

subj line: NCsoft Account Info;Login Info

let them know your problem from every detail.
they shoudl ask you to provide your serial keys(if into all a few) of your CD's
your address you used on the ncsoft account creation
your full name
your email address you used for the ncsoft account
any credit card purchases(last 4 diits) u used while playing guild wars(if any)

may be some others but usually your full name+ cd keys would gie them the ability to email u ur account info (as well as login info)


also recent changes to the ncsoft master accounts nd login page increases the protection rom account stealing so it may have been resetted as was the issue with many players without a need to get in the ncsoft account.

in Guild Wars login u need now need to provide your login email and pass along with ANY characters name(full name) they added this feature to try to keep out account stealing...

just do the email support thing i mentioned above with a subject line explaining what happened...theyll ask u the listed things i mentioned...dont give it to them unless they ASK FIRST
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