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Default Farming Lag


I was farming Vaettirs last night, and today, and found that I get an immense amount of lag when doing it with somebody else, or when I'm killing many of them. My Brother came with me, to test it, and we found that he never lagged at all, but I lagged alot, to the point where my screen was behind about 10-20 seconds. This only occurs when:
  • I am with somebody else
  • I kill alot of them, 40+

I really need to figure why this happens. It is not my graphics, and I don't think it's the internet as surely my Brother would have lagged too? I can't figure this out, and have turned down graphics settings, checked my AV firewall and added GW.exe to the trusted applications. Does anybody have any ideas? :[]
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Old Mar 29, 2011, 02:35 PM // 14:35   #2
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Ive not had this for ages and it may have been a bad time for vaetires on your side - recently i did vaetires duo with no lag affecting me or my wife.
It may be down to the problems anets having with euro servers and players are switching to usa servers - ( various posts already about loss of guild showing etc ) and a large influx of players always causes weird lag spikes or serious lag.
Apart from that i have no idea , have you done -image ( search forum if no idea what i mean - easier ).

Just because your bro is playing same time doesnt always mean you will both get lag same time - me and wife play on 2 pcs and rarely do we share lag and not often are we on the exact same server ip.
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