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Default Odd disconnection issue

UPDATE: I ran Ccleaner and AusLogic's disdefrag. I'm hoping that solves the issues. My disk was really in need of defragmenting. However, it hasn't been that long since I've cleaned the registry and .tmp files, etc... so... we'll see.

I have been getting disconnected from GW *only* during vanquishes (all times during Z vanq). This has been happening for the last 4 days and has happened during all vanquishes during that time.

Towards the end of the vanquish the GW screen freezes up. I get the usual message that I lost connection and would I like to reconnect. Answering yes takes me to the loading screen where it freezes at 100% and eventually completely disconnects me. It is easy to reproduce, as it just happened again last night during my Verdant Cascades vanq. Like I said, it's always at the end of the vanquish were I only have a few enemies left (this REALLY hurt during the two Varajar Fells vanqs I tried to do).

If I minimize GW, my internet connection is working fine. I thought it might be due to traffic on our internet (kids playing the playstation, etc...), but last night I was the only one home and the only one on our internet.

The last successful vanquish where it did not happen was the day we had Sparkfly Swamp as the Z vanq where I did two vanqs and it did not happen.

It does not happen during a dungeon. It does not happen during regular play. I don't know if it would happen during a full DoA run...

Any ideas? Is something happening during a vanquish that doesn happen in a dungeon... or.... ? I'm really puzzled.

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Maybe you vanquish at the same time everyday and end around 5:00? (when school mostly lets out) This could cause your internet connection lines to become saturated hence causing the DC. It's a long shot but possible..
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