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Default Please insert disc 1

I turned off my computer last night before i went to bed. I usually just leave it on. When i awoke this morning and went to stat GW, I get the message insert Disc 1. This has never happened before.

I did not uninstall it or change any directories, etc. I made no changes what so ever. Why is this happening. I've been using Texmod and ML-X (multi instances) client.

I am not at all comfortable reinstalling GW after installing with ear of someone key logging me for my password/cd-keys.

has anyone ever had this happen to them? Why would this happen? I did update my Flash this morning though.

EDIT: It wasn't the ML-X affecting. I did have a -image and -repair on the command line and removed them. That didn't affect it either. The problem was that I had changed the compatibility to SP 3 in order to run Texmod. After changing it back it ran fine. Thanks for your response.

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ML-X im not familiar with but the multi client program i use can set switches and im sure theres a switch on gw that does a type of update from cd and asks for disk 1.
infact just checked wiki and its -update.
Does this happen if you run just gw shortcut or does it affect the ML-X.
If the ML-X uses switches check to see if thats been turned on - and remove if it has otherwise check the shortcut for gw and check theres not at end -update.
Otherwise i have no idea sadly.
PS - using the keys isnt part of the actual installation , i upgraded my windows to win7 and never once did it ask for my keys and i even upgraded wifes windows and again no keys needed.Keys are only used after installation to add campaigns etc - so you can install gw on multiple pcs in your house and you only need to login.
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