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Default GW Problem

So GW has started crashing on me alot. I havn't played for a couple of years and thought I'd give it a go again only to be plagued by constant crashes.

What happens is after a while the game freezes in a kind of checker board effect and then goes to just a solid colour, freezing the whole computer up. It could happen as soon as I enter the game or 1-2 hours after.

I've re-installed windows, the game, drivers etc but nothings helped, and I know my computer is more than capable of running GW. Please note that I have no problems with other games.

Any advice would be great as I'd love to start playing again

PC Specs
AMD Phenom 9850 BE
MSI K9A2 Platinum
2x 2Gb Geil Black Dragon PC2-8500 1066Mhz
ATi Radeon HD4870

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Old Apr 05, 2011, 01:22 PM // 13:22   #2
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Given we can almost certainly rule out driver issues, I suspect there could be some issue with the GPU.

If you have some utility to watch temps (EVGA precision type util or whatever ATI equivalent is) take a peek as you play games or run some burn tests.

Have you confirmed fan is spinning on GPU at rated specs? Have you checked there is no dust accumulation on the card itself?

It is quite possible that the card itself has simply developed some fault over time.

You have no said if graphical problems occur with other games of GPU intensive tasks, which would help point to issues with heat or the card itself.

If possible, try to test install some other GPU (perhaps you have a spare or can borrow a friends?), at least this will help rule out the card as an issue.
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Old Apr 05, 2011, 01:56 PM // 13:56   #3
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I'd concur with the above about overheating. It could be because of dust build up in the video card's heatsink/fan or a failed fan.
It could be that you've gotten a new higher-rez monitor that makes the card work too hard at the current GW settings.
In any case, go to the Options in GW, then go to the Graphics tab and try the "Auto detect" and see if that changes the settings and/or you can manually knock the graphics settings down a notch to see if that helps.
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Old Apr 05, 2011, 02:47 PM // 14:47   #4
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So as I said I have no problems in other games and I have also run 3d Mark several times with no crashes.
I have set fan speed to 50% manually using ATi CCC and temps don't seem to go above 55 - 60c. Tested the card at stock clock speeds with ATi Overdrive and it passed.

Im only running the game at 1440x900 with AA disabled, everything else set to max.

Forgot to mention that Im running Win7 x64.

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i had this problem with my GW my GFX was on the verge of death and would only pick up in GW
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