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Default ATI Mobility HD 5470 / BluescreenOD

Ok a year ago when I heavily played GW on my older desktop with a Geforce 8600GT I randomly got BSOD while playing GW. Sometimes 5 minutes after game play sometimes after a few hours. After many tests and trials it was obvious it was the graphics card / drivers not agreeing with GW1. I had no problems with anything but GW1. I changed back to older factory graphics drivers and voila no more problems and continue to enjoy GW1 but was stuck with older drivers as if I updated them at all, the game was no longer playable.

So its about a year later I got a new laptop with ATI Mobility HD5470 which has no problems running 3 eve clients on max, or with high end games or running anything else. I decided to try and get my last point for my gw2 rewards im at 29/50, I log in and run around an outpost for a while and then BSOD.....very similar to my old computer and the 8600GT.

Now I looked up the 8600GT last year and found alot of people having problems with GW1 with that specific graphics card. I can't find many topics about the HD5470. Is there something in GW1 that just doesn't like certain cards and drivers? Its only GW1 that the problem occurs.

I am also worried that these issues will continue onto GW2 with certain cards causing BSOD issues that never get resolved.....

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Most often this is caused by overheating. Many people are not aware that GW1 can use many more graphics resources than some other games. The first thing to try is to knock back the graphics settings in GW - in particular, try turning down the AA level.
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Old Apr 12, 2011, 10:23 PM // 22:23   #3
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I wish it was overheating but alas no. On both occasions I checked temps on my old desktop and on new laptop it was not the problem. Also the bsod was to do with graphic drivers are researching the old 8600GT was known to have issues with GW. Also after more testing noth graphics cards had no problems running with max settings on other games or low settings on other games that were graphically more demanding with GW1 but when playing GW1 even on low settings would get BSOD.

Also I use a laptop coolling pad as im paranoid not that I need a cooling pad. Also I can run 3 eve clients with premium max graphics, way more demanding that GW1, while aslo running many many programs and other games at the same time with no over heating problems.

Something with GW1 and certain cards / drivers is causing BSOD to occur randomly during normal gameplay. This issue seemes to revolve around newer graphics drivers.

The only fix I found with my old desktop was to use the base older factory 8600GT drivers and do not install the new one's. Then GW would run fine. Soon as you update the drivers though BSOD GW no longer playable. And this only occured with GW1, not other games. Thats with the older desktop.

Now with the newer laptop ATI HD5470 even with factory drivers the problem still occurs only with GW1 and im unable to find a fix for it. I am just hoping hese un resolved BSOD issues effecting GW1 with certain graphics cards does not effect playing GW2 aswell.

Afaik GW2 is a completely different engine and game so the problems should not carry over. I can find plenty of posts about 8600GT having problems with GW1 but none about ATI Mobility HD5470.

Sorry to blab on but I have done a hefty amount of research on this over the past year with no success so is why I come to hear with as much info as possible on what I have found.

Thanks again.

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