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Old Apr 06, 2011, 11:32 AM // 11:32   #1
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Default Guild Wars won't load

So I open the game login a small box comes up for 1-2 secs and it dissappears. Then I get to log on and choose a character, but after I have chosen my character the load screen just stays at 0%. Tried stuff with firewall,reboot and none of that has helped, so I hope you can help me out! And also it only accurs like a day or two after an update.

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Old Apr 18, 2011, 01:49 AM // 01:49   #2
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Your description is EXACTLY the same as what is happening to me. I find that this occurs any time during the day. However, between midnight and 6am I am able to login and play without problems (when I need to be sleeping...). I cannot figure out what is going on! I'm fairly certain it is not a hardware problem. It is either a network problem or an Anet server problem. I am located in U.S. northeast.

P.S. This issue started occurring exactly when yours did...about two weeks ago.
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Old Apr 18, 2011, 04:56 AM // 04:56   #3
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Same here (and also in the northeast.) Known issue, and there are a few threads already on this forum. I've put in a support ticket, sent them all the information they wanted, and they told me they're working on it. Not noticing any difference here. I got on and switched to the European servers, where I can play without incident.

Except for today's Zushen mission. It keeps putting me back into the US districts, which means I get stuck at the loading screen.
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