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Default How to link NCsoft account and Guild Wars account?

I have a guild wars account, and I have an NCsoft account. However, the two are entirely separate and I'm not sure how to link them. I entered my Guild Wars serial code at the website, but it told me it was invalid. What do I do??

EDIT: I have bought something from the Guild Wars store, so that must mean I have an NCsoft account, right? The problem is, I'm not sure what my username is as my email address name is too long to be a user-name on NCsoft. I'm so confused! :P I just want to make sure I can link my HoM to GW2!

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Hey Bob, It's not going to be necessary, which is good because I'm in the same boat as you. Here is a quote from an ArenaNet employee taken off the GuildWars2Guru forums:

"Best Answer - Posted by Regina Buenaobra
From what the devs tell us, "Declaring your ancestor" to receive the Hall of Monuments rewards simply means linking your Guild Wars 2 game account with your Guild wars 1 game account, when Guild Wars 2 is released. You will be able to link a single Guild Wars 1 game account to your Guild Wars 2 game account, via a Guild Wars 2 in-game item. By using that item in Guild Wars 2, you'll be able to visit an instanced version of the Hall of Monuments where you can claim your rewards. You'll be able to do this on any Guild Wars 2 character that you want, as many times as you want. Whatever rewards you receive cannot be traded or sold. "
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That doesn't really say much Lokk. All it says is we can link our GW1 account to our GW2 account. It doesn't say anything in there on how we will be able to do it. We still have no information on how we will be able to link our accounts. So we are unsure if we need a NCSoft Account yet.

What I suggest OP, is to contact NCSoft about it. If you have an NCSoft Account, they will help you with recovering your information so you can link it to your GW1 account.
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