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Default Gw Code Key?

I recently bought Guild Wars through Steam, and I'm not quite sure how to link my Guild Wars account with my Steam account. I can view and copy the CD key, but when I go to add the CD key, it asks me to enter the name of a character on that account (How could I have made one? I haven't even logged in yet )

Yet when I hit enter (character name field blank), I constantly get an error telling me to check my internet connection. I can confirm that my internet connection is fine - I'm not sure why it's giving me that error.

Is there any alternate way to connect my GW and Steam accounts besides the method used through the client?

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GW accounts are not created through steam as far as I am aware -- you just get the GW CD key through them. If you never played GW before, you will need to create a new account first. Just launch the game, at the login prompt, choose "Create Account or Add Access key" then on the next screen check "Create a new account" and then press next again.

Edit: You can also create a NCsoft Master Account and add the GW CD serial key that way. But personally, I never have done it that way -- I always used the client.

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I didn't use Steam, but I thought it was a little confusing too. Only the first time you can log in without entering a character name. After that you need to make one and use it. Because I already managed to lose track of it once in a trail account, I decided to dedicate 1 slot to a name I wouldn't forget or lose track of.
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