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Default VoIP and GW sound problem

I'm running Gw on a laptop with w7 and GW sound have always come through my headset. However for a week ago whenever i logged on to TS/vent or skype, which sound comes through my headset, all other sound comes thourgh the external speakers. And afaik i havent change any sound settings at all. So how can i get all my sound to go through my headset even when im on TS/vent or skype?
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Not too sure but i do know win 7 can set audio to come from seperate devices and be controlled seperatly - eg i can run youtube video and raise its sound without affecting the main volume.
So its possible you need to set the sound for voip but how i cant say as im fairly new to win 7 ( when changing from xp to win 7 - win 7 makes xp look easy lol ).
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Without knowing what sort of sound system you have, it's hard to give a good answer.

Check in the settings for your sound device (for example, VIA HD audio deck, not just "Sound" in control panel) to see if there are settings for which sounds go to which speakers.
Check if there is a setting to automatically disable the internal speakers when the headphones are plugged in.

BTW, is your Headset USB? If so, that could be the problem. You would need to set the sound controls to send all sounds to the USB device. I know that in Ventrilo it is possible to select from various output devices independently of the main sound. (Or you could get a headset that uses the normal speaker/mic jacks.) I don't know if it's possible to get the system to auto switch to a USB headset.

Make sure your sound system is set to "stereo" or "2.1".

It seems to me there was another post about this recently.....

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