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Default Having trouble logging into ncsoft account

Everytime i try to log into my master account on that web site it says I have tried to many times and to try later. No matter how long i wait It still says that.
I even had my password reset and tried again but still didn't work.

Any clue as to how long it will take for the site to allow me to finally log in? I want to buy the trilogy and can't lol. My free trial just ended so i really need to upgrade.

I sent support an email about this, no telling how long it will take to get a response though.
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Old Jun 27, 2011, 01:21 PM // 13:21   #2
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I would suggest you call for support as it will give you a faster result.
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How long have you waited in between attempts? I assume if you try before the wait period ends it will reset the waiting period, which is most likely to help protect from someone spamming password attempts to get into it. I think it would be best to wait something along the lines of 24hrs to be completely sure the wait period is over (I don't see why it should be any longer). By then, support should probably have responded to you (usually takes 1-3 business days for a real response) and hopefully your problem will be fixed by them if you still can't login.
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