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Default Surround Speakers Compable?

Hi everyone I am thinking of getting Surround Sound for my 360 and when I play GW on my TV. I am not sure if my room is big enough for it. Here is a picture of the "gaming" room:

Here is the surround speakers I was going to buy:

Thanks everyone!
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looks like you'll need an A/V Receiver also.

If you need stands, speaker cable, and hdmi cables, check out

they have good quality stuff for a fraction of the cost you would be paying at any other place.
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Those are not "powered" speakers, so, like Enko says, you need some sort of A/V amp/receiver to drive them. And, of course you'll need to run wires to all the speakers.

For the best effect you need to have the speakers centered along the direct perpendicular axis of the TV, and you should be sitting along that axis as well. In your picture, that would be a line going from the TV, through the coffee table and in between the two couches. (from the TV to the lower right corner.)
Unless you can convince people to seriously re-arrange the room, you may as well just get a basic 2.1 system.

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Another cheaper option is turning your pc to a media center (Assuming your Mother board supports 5.1 or higher and you have an open PCI Express slot 1 or 16 ) (just an example)

And (just an example ~ Single tuner but I have this one… recording is a breeze and it works with a hydra cable system if you have one)

This is all assuming you have the proper Computer to do it but… you would gain 5.1 sound for your games, DVD movies, Blue ray~ if you have it on your system, DVR for your shows ~that is easly converted to MP4 or other mobile formats, HULU and Netflex use it, and other internet programs

Again there are multiple more options available to you. To get the 360 to work you would need an adaptor and using an adaptor I am not 100% sure you would get true 5.1 sound. (many setup guides you can google)

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