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Default start up problem

Sometimes when i try to play gw it loads up and after downloading updates, if needed, and connecting to anet, it goes to fullscreen like it should but its just a black screen. Im able to use my cursor and it looks like how it should when playing gw but nothings happening. the only i can do to get out of it is to push ctrl+alt+del and go to the taskmanager. and on the taskmanager it says that its not responding. I havent been able to play a lot cause of this problem. whenever i restart my comp and try to play it works great but if it try to play after a few hours i get that problem. anyone know what could be the problem? im suspecting its a process thats running in the background thats causing it but im not too sure about that or what process it would be. any help would be much appreciated. please and thank you.
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It would help if you supplied more info on your computer.

Laptop or desktop?
What video system do you have? (on-board, discrete card, etc.)

In any case, it sounds like overheating. If it's a laptop, check that the air vents are clear of dust and that the cooling fan is running properly. The fan should basically be a blur, not stopped or only turning slowly.

If it's a desktop, open it up (usually by taking the side off) and blow the dust out of it. Make sure that all heatsinks are clear of dust and that all fans are running properly.
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Default This should be put into a sticky note everytime there's an update...

Create or copy the existing shortcut for GW.exe then add -image to the command line in the properties of this shortcut. Run it. Wait for GW to completely download/update itself before exiting...then run your normal GW shortcut.
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