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Default Game Lag

Might already be covered I read the sticky and it really didn't help me at all. Just got a brand new computer decent 8 gb 3.2 ghz blah blah runs gw with vert at 180 leave vert on usually but i get abnormal lag. Ping is fine between about 40-200 depending on euro or american servers got no problems interupting but everyone is just jumping around like a madman. Any idea wtf that is?
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It happens quite often if you minimise the game, or alt+tab through windows when playing GW in windowed mode. It usually fixes itself after a few minutes and/or rezonings.
It's best to play full-screen and don't minimise the game. Or just ignore the rubberbanding for a few minutes.

If you haven't done so, you might need to elaborate on your hardware and recent software.
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Old Oct 02, 2011, 11:40 PM // 23:40   #3
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Like drkn said, this occasionally happens to me too when I alt+tab back into the game after I've had it minimized for awhile. I can usually get it to stop by just mapping somewhere else or re-zoning.
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