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Default Dell 1747 Bios A14 makes GW freeze

I managed to fix my problem already, but since I went through trouble of making this account, I might as well put it up here, to save other people a lot of frustration.

Yesterday, I updated the BIOS of my Dell Studio 1747 to the latest version: A14.
When I tried to start Guild Wars this evening, my computer froze upon entering my password: the only thing that would still work was the Task Manager. Unfortunately, I couldn't even use the Task Managerto shut down GW. I had to use the Power button to shut down the computer and reboot.

I had no idea what to do about the problem, since, when I'd run the BIOS upgrade again, it would just say "you already have the same or newer BIOS, the program will now shut down" (or something like that).

I couldn't find anything about it on this website, but then Google led me to on of's community pages. The writer of the third post down on this thread is my hero!
I followed his directions and one reboot later, I can play again!

One more thing: the thread discusses a possible rollback to Bios version A08, but I went and downloaded version A13 from here. That works fine, too.
Note that that last link leads to a page of the Dutch version of Dell support. If it doesn't redirect you to your native language and you can't figure out the Dutch version, search for the latest A14. Then, don't download it, but look at it's specs and click "older versions".
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According to that thread you linked, people were still having the problem even after re-flashing to an older version.
The one thing I might suggest would be to get into the BIOS (usually by pressing some key during start-up) and selecting "Load defaults" or some similar option.
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