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Default Winds of Change Part 3 Accident?

After looking here,
and encountering the below, did I trigger the opening scene of WoC part 3 by accident? I've been to Bejunkan Pier many times before and this never happened. Glitch possibly caused by helping a friend out with a quest (dialogue triggered upon entering the pier from friend's quest) ?

Note: I did not witness ALL of the dialogue.

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Imo it's just another of the WOC encounters. nothing else. It just hasn't been noted on the wiki yet.
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There was another line after that from a Canthan Peasant.
"Enough of this, I think it's time we taught you some respect, girl!"

They turn hostile, you attack but turn green before you can kill them. Xin Ji runs off and Armian (the Krytan guy) lends a hand.

Whilst this is most like just another encounter, I do find it strange that Xin Ji just runs into a wall and stops moving and that the canthan peasants just stand there (within earshot of her) after they turn back green.

Even if it's just an encounter, it seems very bugged.
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She is just telling the story of what happens at the end of WoC part 2, just as she said she would. They also turn green if their health drops below 50%. Which isn't long for lvl 10s.

I wonder if there are more WoC part 2 encounters.

To see it ypou have to had seen the 2 other there first.
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I noticed this walking around other areas as well. There are a lot of encounters in various areas that aren't well documented yet.
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