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Old Oct 16, 2011, 11:17 AM // 11:17   #1
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Default Amd c-50

so i just bought a laptop (300$ new), and now i go to canyourunit(.com) and run a test to see if i can run guild wars on this piece of shit, for my processor i get...

AMD C-50 (that is right, dual core C-50...)
1.00 GHz rated at 11.2 GHz (that seems unrealistic, considering its a dual core 1.00 GHz)

i can hardly believe that... idk if the fact its a 64bit or something else messes up, but theres gotta be something wrong, because my desktop has a dual core 3.2 and its rated 5.76 GHz and when i run programs it seems like theyre running smoother and faster

ill try to install it on my laptop when i can, but i still doubt the results i got on canyourunit
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Old Oct 16, 2011, 02:07 PM // 14:07   #2
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I have a netbook with a C-50 APU. It runs GW at about 30 fps, medium settings, but at a relatively low (native) rez of 1366x768. (What do you expect for only $300 )

The main reason for the odd "can your unit" rating is the graphics portion of the C-50. The CPU portion of the C-50 is not even as fast as an Intel Atom, but the graphics portion is much, much better than Intel integrated graphics.

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Old Oct 16, 2011, 05:11 PM // 17:11   #3
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Funny that some of the minimum requirements is a sound card and a CD/DVD-player.. you need neither to play the game and many people even play with the sound off But it doesn't say it requires an internet connection.
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canyourunit is very very bad with AMD stuff. Don't take it for its word
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