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Default Lag Issues

I've been having lag issues recently with guild wars and I am having a hard time pinpointing the problem. Nothing else lags besides guild wars. I have a 25mbps internet connection going through a brand new linsksys router. I successfully ran guild wars for 2 months before these issues started and nothing has changed as far as my internet/computer setups go.

I thought it might be my antivirus/firewall so I disabled them completely. That didn't help. I have also tried reinstalling the game and defragmenting the game directory and my entire drive. I have ran both speedtests and pingtests at and with great results,so I am almost positive it isn't my network. I have also opened port tcp 6112. All to no avail.

The lag is very inconsistent,sometimes my ping will be an average of 30 for a few days and sometimes it will be as high as 60,000. My character teleports all over the entire screen,rubber bands,chat and skills are delayed by seconds. It is so unpredictable and is starting to make it impossible for me to play guild wars.

I have no idea what the problem could be and don't even know where to start troubleshooting.Could someone please help point me in the right direction?

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You say that that your router is new, what happens if you run without the router ?
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Old Dec 07, 2011, 03:27 PM // 15:27   #3
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I'm also having this problem.

I've been playing GW for 5+ years now, and this is the second time this has happened.

About 3 years ago the ISP in town did something that caused the ping in GW to skyrocket. No one in town could play. The ISP would do nothing for us. Then about a year later, it cleared away. We could play again.

I've recently started playing again, maybe 2 months ago. Everything was fine until a couple days ago. Before, I was running an average ping of 35-100. Now I'm lucky if I can stay out of the red for more than 30 seconds. The highest I've seen is 44k and it rarely goes under 500 (it's usually 1k+).

Nothing in my network or pc has changed (no router either, directly connected to the modem). The problem occurred literally overnight. I've already re-installed the game, done all the "fixes" that should be done, yet the game remains unplayable. I've read the thread about package shaping, and I fear that this is what's going on. I dread trying to talk to my ISP again. When this problem happened years ago there were unwilling to do anything to help.
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Who is your ISP and where are you located?
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