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Old Mar 05, 2012, 06:58 AM // 06:58   #1
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Default Windows 7

Not really a gw question... buuuuut

Ive got a inspiron n5115 with windows 7 64bit.. Ive got a application im using which uses like virtual drivers which i think only work in 32bit OS cubase music production pretty much, I read on net that software for 32 bit shouldnt have an effect on a 64bit but drivers and hardware will become erroneous if its signed for 32bit and running on a 64bit.. THis is why im thinking cubase using my sound drivers is corrupting cause i get blue screen and OS crash then when i restart and open up cubase again i get MMC snap in error and have to close that.. what ever that is i tried to research on google but didnt quite understand.

Im thinking of switching to a windows 7 32bit but i was wondering if that is wise since i bought it with 64bit?

Also is there a quick easy way to downgrade to 32bit like from the 64bit OS cd that came with the laptop??

Sorry for my muddled grammar and odd structure of wording hope someone can help me?
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Old Mar 05, 2012, 07:49 PM // 19:49   #2
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Windows 7 32bit and 64bit versions use the same serial numbers. So if you have a valid 64bit serial, it can be used to install a genuine 32bit version. But this is not something I recommend.

What you could try first is install an older windows in for example virtualbox, say Windows XP 32bit version (or whatever old Windows CD/DVD you might have laying around). Try out the software in a virtual enviroment and see if the blue screen still appears.
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Have you tried using compability mode first?
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