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Default Issue with running game In surround/eyefinity/ 5760x1080

The camera is too far zoomed in, my field of view is far more limited then playing on one screen at 1920x1080. How can this be fixed?
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Old Mar 22, 2012, 08:55 AM // 08:55   #2
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No fixes, except perhaps argos/GwCamUnlocker/ which frees your camera to zoom as you wish. Guild Wars just wasn't built for what you're doing. Maybe Guild Wars 2 will work better for you. I'm afraid you'll be forced to play in a lowly 1920x1080 setting.
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Basically, GW can only zoom out so far - proportional-wise - no matter what your rez is. If you looked at it objectively, your character's height/size, relative to the size of the whole frame would be the same. What you are essentially looking at is a cropped version of a 5760x3240 frame.
Or to put it another way, adding the two screens to the sides, does not show any "new" information, it just spreads the same information over a wider field of view.
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