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Old May 04, 2012, 02:26 AM // 02:26   #1
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Default Will my computer be able to run gw2?

I currently have a vostro 1500 with a
Intel (R) core TM2 (duo) 1.40GHz
3.00GB of ram
windows 7 32 bit

nvidia Geforce 8600M GT graphics card.

I have enough disk space to save it to my hard drive, but will i be able to run the game smoothly?

I played the beta and at first it wasn't smooth, but after a day it smoothed out a little. But when I tried to do an event around multiple people ( over 5) it will lag and i just kind of jump around and can't defend myself.

So back to my question, Will it work on my computer smoothly on low settings? or do I need a new computer?
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Old May 04, 2012, 03:12 AM // 03:12   #2
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It's better you ask Guild Wars 2 related questions in this forum. As for specifications, look here.
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Everyone was experiencing major lag during the beta. Arenanet didn't expect so many people were going to be playing.
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Old May 04, 2012, 03:52 AM // 03:52   #4
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ANet have said that if you can play GW1 then you'll be able to play GW2. The question is just how well. I'm not great with computer tech knowledge, but I figure if you can run GW1 on its highest settings then you'll probably be able to run GW2 at decent settings.

And as Zenzai said, ANet didn't quite anticipate the server load. It was the first time GW2 had been played on a mass scale. I'm sure you'll be able to run GW2 fine. Maybe not on the highest settings in big events, but it'll still run.
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Old May 04, 2012, 04:26 AM // 04:26   #5
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i can play gw1 but not gw2, this may help:
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Old May 04, 2012, 04:32 AM // 04:32   #6
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I do believe Anet was fully aware of the amount of people that would play, considering they know how many pre-purchases they sold. The lag was probably due to them stress testing the servers, better do it during the first beta weekend than after the game is released. After all they had 7 years experience of running Guild Wars 1.
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Old May 04, 2012, 06:15 AM // 06:15   #7
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First off, GW2 Beta is just that, testing. The Graphics processing of GW2 is not fully optimized yet.
In developing you don't fine tune until it's done.
The Public Open Betas to some are free demos, to others it's to play, test, and report issues.

The Vostro 1500 is laptop so upgrading is very limited in this case. What can you do to approve performance?
Since GW2 is a brand new game updating drivers/software is important to insure the best possible performance.



Full List of Drivers & Downloads at for the Vostro 1500.

You say your laptop has two cores at 1.4ghz this may slow you down a little since so far GW2 is stated to need duo @2.0ghz.

Using Win7 with just 3 gigs of ram can cause strain on the computer and your graphics. Make sure you are not using anything flashy like a screen saver, rotating wallpapers, or gadgets. This will help relieve pressure on your components.
Also try to keep the stuff running in the background/task bar to a minimal amount.

For anyone looking at the beta and thinking about a new computer for just GW2, I'd say wait for the game to officially be on the shelves. See if the game is playable at all with the in game settings. If you are not happy with the performance after that. Then look into something new.
Remember that brand new shiny PC your looking at today with a price tag of 500 dollars will be 300 dollars in a few months.

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Old May 04, 2012, 11:43 AM // 11:43   #8
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i have found this site useful for finding out if i can run a game.
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Old May 04, 2012, 07:09 PM // 19:09   #9
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Your CPU is probably going to be your biggest problem.

I would say, wait for the official release date, they should have the final system requirement then. Then decide whether you want to upgrade or not.
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