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Default Download Failed *FIX* Spread the word

Hi guys, I have been trying and trying to figure out how to fix the download failed issue since the day the beta started. I finally figured out what was causing it at least for me, and I am fairly sure a great number of other people.

I have internet service with TimeWarner Cable. I was issued an Ubee gateway. It started out working fine but about a week before the gw2 beta certain websites wouldn't load fast or they wouldn't even load at all. Regular websites like wouldn't load properly. After weeks of messing around with stuff I finally just decided to go and exchange my ubee gateway for their motorolla brand gateway. Problem solved. The game now downloaded 100% in one go. Ubee gateways are complete garbage.

So if you have the download failed issue and are using an ubee gateway go get it exchanged for their motorolla brand gateway and your problem should be fixed.
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Err im going to guess that you are refering to gw2 issue and not gw1 and therefore you need to post - mods will probably close this thread for that reason.
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