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Default (Code=227)

What is going on.. Error 227. Invalid information, I mean what the hell, I've played for 6 years, I think I know my own login details by now. So I click password reset, but obviously that hasn't worked in god knows how long, so then the impossible task of contacting support, hours after my, can I have my password reset question, the case is closed, asking me to reopen another one, alright then.. open a new case, and it's just sitting there.

What makes this worse, this wasn't today, but the day after BWE, I logged in when it ended, spoke to a few people, and when i logged, it refused to let me back in. Did the beta just break GW? I'm not even convinced my login screen for GW1 is the same, it just doesn't look right. It's like getting into a car after someone messed with the seat, not alot so you notice instantly, but enough to know it's not the same, ya know?

Is it just me with code 227? Has GW2 messed up GW1 for anyone else?

And no, I have no third party software, I have no access to fansites etc etc..
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You know what I did recently? I made a PvP Mesmer, just so I could register it as a mercenary, then I deleted it.

Next time I logged on I got your error - took me hours to realise that the game had remembered the last character I'd played and, now it was deleted, it was an invalid character name for my account.

Unlikely that the same applies to you, but you never know! Oh, and the wiki says that you can sometimes get a 227 when the servers are down.
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you can also get 227 when your account has been temp suspended, banned, or hacked.
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Old Jun 17, 2012, 04:12 AM // 04:12   #4
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Originally Posted by Anti Welfare View Post
you can also get 227 when your account has been temp suspended, banned, or hacked.
That is Error 045.
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