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Originally Posted by Quaker View Post
If that was true, you'd stop replying to me.

P.s. - I've been on here for the past 7 years, helping people with their computer related problems. Sometimes, even I wonder why I bother.

P.P.s - If you still haven't found an answer, I suggest you try posting in the Guru2 tech forums. This forum is relatively dead, plus there is, of course, more people familiar with GW2 over there.
alright i'll check there then
i dont actually stop replying to people because that would be rude and it would mean i was ignoring them, and some people dont like that, i reply as long as it takes for our points to get across to eachother.
thanks for the link seeing as this is the technicians forums i thought i would have gottenthe most help here, but i'll trust your judgement of this forum and look over on


Originally Posted by Tarun View Post
xXyunaXx, if you want help you're going to have to be nicer than you are now. Being disrespectful to those who are helping you isn't the best way to get help. If someone is misbehaving then use the Report button and ignore them, don't add fuel to the fire.

As others have said, screen burn-in occurs most often on old CRT monitors. It's extremely rare (as in, next to never) occurring on LCD.

Screenshots don't capture burn-in. Looking at the camera phone pics you can barely see the compass outline. Others have said to use a different background as this may make it more obvious. You may need to contact the screen manufacturer's support team. Also check to see if there's any sort of method to reset your monitor to stock settings. You may also want to try turning the monitor off for a day or two to see if it fades.

Also, it's not because of the texture mod.
understood, please lock this thread i think i have my issue resolved now thanks to MisterB's link TomSwifts advice, and Quakers link to the guildwars2guru website.
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Closed by request. PM for a reopen/whatever.
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