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Old Jan 20, 2013, 01:42 AM // 01:42   #1
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Default Keyboard bindings ("Control" tab in Options) are corrupting

My keyboard bindings keep getting corrupted.

I have numpad numbers 1-7 bound to open each hero commander. This lets me use a macro with my keyboard (Logitech G110) so that I can easily show/hide all my hero commanders simultaneously, which is super handy.

Problem is, twice now these bindings have gotten corrupted. I have no idea why or how to stop it from happening, and so far the only way to fix it is to reset ALL my bindings to defaults and reconfigure them entirely.

When this happens, numpad 1-3 do not get corrupted. 4-7, however, do. For instance, right now, 4 is bound to Shift. I don't even know how this is possible, since the game has no option to bind a keyboard key to ANOTHER keyboard key. This is how it looks:

If I attempt to bind numpad 4 to any hero commander, it works until I restart my client, at which point it's bound back to Shift. I tried binding numpad 4 to a different command (Attack/Interact), and it works and persists between client restarts - but if I try to bind it to a hero commander, it reverts back to being bound to Shift.

The same thing is happening with 5-7. Each is bound to another keyboard key, including / and Caps Lock.

Any ideas why this is happening? It's driving me mad!

New development - now if I restore defaults and try to use numpad 4-7, I can't use them at all. As soon as I assign any of those keys to a command, the first time I restart the client they are then bound to other keyboard keys.

Update #2 - tried on my BF's machine and his client, as well as a second clean copy of the client on my machine, and it did the same thing. Can anyone else try this to verify that it's a bug?

Update #3 - definitely a client bug. Still interested in seeing if others are seeing this right now, but there does appear to be a client bug that corrupts key bindings for Hero Commanders 4-7, if the key used for the binding is not used for any in-game function by default.

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Old Jan 24, 2013, 12:07 AM // 00:07   #2
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i posted here long time ago, its still like that, yes.... maybe it'll be fixed one day, just dont count on it

you just gotta do it everytime you log into GW

note (in case): its NOT when you switch to a laptop, which dont have those, as my numbers 1,2,3 stay (even when on friend's laptop, when at his place), but the rest are gone when restarting
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Old Jan 24, 2013, 12:37 AM // 00:37   #3
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Well, that's just messed up - it worked for awhile and now it's broken (as in, very recently)? Or is it that I actually hadn't restarted my client in that long? D:

Also: filed a bug report with ANet. They said it's a known issue and they have no ETA on a fix. Of course...
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Old Jan 24, 2013, 11:44 AM // 11:44   #4
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Taking a wild guess, but could it be a corrupt gw.dat file causing it?
You could temporary rename your gw.dat, patch a new one just enough to get online and see if the bug remains.
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