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Default Graphics Pop-In, Odd Textures, etc.

Hey Guys and Gals,

I've been playing GW 1 off and on since '08, been having this particular problem for a while now, although it seems to have gotten somewhat worse since ANet stopped regular support of the game.

So basically, I'm getting a heck of a lot of pop-in when the game is rendering objects like trees, bushes, heck even people. Also, the textures used for the environment are very muddy sometimes and rather inconsistent; one good example is the trees in my guild hall (Warrior's Isle). Looking at them from a certain angle makes the leaf and trunk textures turn blocky and pixellated, then simply altering the camera angle or getting closer to the trees suddenly makes them render normally.

That same sort of thing happens quite a bit when I am out in the world, also. Weird, poorly-rendered environment objects are all over the place. Funny, but my character models seem to be unaffected. But I will literally have a rock or shrub pop into existence from nowhere; the sides of hills and mountains are often rendered very badly until I get close to them; objects in the distance are very often blocky, especially those poor trees, lol.

I have an Nvidia 650 Ti 2gb gpu, which I'm fairly sure is considered an "unsupported" card. I am also running Windows 7, which I believe is an "unsupported" O/S. However, this problem did not happen a couple of years ago, even though I've been running Win 7 for quite a while now. Again, it seems to be getting worse as time goes on. And yes, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the entire client, with no luck.

Anyone have any ideas about this? I have found precious little regarding this in any of the forums.
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This may sound shallow but, you have you're settings on Ultra?
And personally, i get this strange popping too sometimes while using TexMod.

Also, what Direct-X do you run on it?
Besides if you notice that your GPU and Fans are blazing at much higher rates then they used too, consider clearing your PC inside from Dust, It sounds far fetched but does help on older systems.


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Thanks Zephyr, I hadn't considered the DirectX PC runs 11, although I can tell you that of course was not originally the case when I started playing the game, I don't believe I was carrying 11 until after buying Skyrim.
Settings are pretty much Ultra, I do have post process effects off and I think I have shadows on Normal cause I never max out shadows. I could try to tone it down though.
I used to use TexMod but not anymore. Still installed but not run.
Could perhaps use a clean, lol. I am gonna try lowering a few settings, heck maybe even try running it in compatibility mode? If that doesn't work it looks like you can force a game to run in dx9...I'll try that last though. Thanks for the idea!
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direct x is np normaly. sounds like your pc is slowed down over the years thats all. so he dont run ultra mode ez anymore. download CCleaner, disk defrag. and try again after used. and yes u should remove the dust in the pc^^ and turn down graphics reflexions off, shadows off, vertical sync off.
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