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Default If I get banned, can I still use my HoM for Guild Wars 2?

Hey guys,
long time lurker short time poster,
my old account got banned because I (like a dumby) tried the Observe that made realms crash. Someone told me about it, I didn't know what it was, I did it, and got banned.
I bought a new guildwars account, but then it occurred to me. Can I just use the account that got banned, or should I continue rebuilding a HoM?
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Old Apr 18, 2012, 03:01 AM // 03:01   #2
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Short answer: No.

HoM achievements on a banned GW1 account cannot be credited for in GW2 (per Gaile Gray on the Support Forums from last year). I think there was also a FAQ list (not the one for the HoM Calculator) that said pretty much the same thing.

Basically you will need to start fresh on your new account and link that to GW2.
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Originally Posted by Meow Ren View Post
Short answer: No.

Basically you will need to start fresh on your new account and link that to GW2.
this right here.. i already asked about it maybe a year ago since my main was banned as well. support responded and said no
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No. GW2 accounts can't link to HoM from a banned GW1 account. Here's another source.

Account termination means losing not only everything you’ve built up in Guild Wars, but losing the ability to have those accomplishments recognized in Guild Wars 2.

I'm curious what happens if a GW1 account gets banned after the link.
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