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Default I have unlocked level 12 for my pet - but he's still level 5?

Hey guys!

I'm new to the Menagerie (as my hero is a Ranger, not me). I got a Hound of Balthazar who starts at level 5. I successfully unlocked level 12 from Helena, however he is still level 5.

Do I still need to train my pet to level 12, and then go back and unlock a new level? Or am I supposed to have a level 12 pet?

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Unlocking a higher level from Helena does not change the pet that you already have, but gives you the option to charm a pet of that level in the training arena. Just give up your level 5 hound, speak to Wynn in the arena, and have her bring a level 12 hound for you to charm.
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BTW, it bears mentioning that this particular pet can be very easily death leveled in the menagerie without spending silver coins to pay for the leveling service from Helena.
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