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Default Worth to build your own Hall of Monuments for gw2?

Well, let me explain my situation. I've been playing GW for the past few years starting from an account that my friend let me use. Yes, I got score of 50 in the HOM hall. Now comes time for gw2, I decided to use my own email account to play, but the problem is that I will start with essentially nothing brought over. I'm curious, do you think it is worth it at this point to start a new char and get build up the HOM from there. I could buy GW game with 3 campaigns plus eotn for $30 at the local game store. I do have a couple of questions.

A) Can I do my accomplishments in GW after GW2 is released?

B) Is there a sunset date for gw?

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Old May 01, 2012, 02:09 AM // 02:09   #2
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GW servers will continue to run as long as is reasonable for ANet, which could potentially be several years after GW2 is released. That said, once GW2 comes out you're going to be more interested in playing that than GW1, and since a crapload of people will already have the HoM items/titles you might not be motivated to get them anyway (since they won't be particularly special). You'll just have to decide what it's worth to you (perhaps get a decent estimate for the GW2 release date).
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After a few weekends I have spent on Gw2, a good estimate on how much longer until release could be 8-12 weeks from now, depending on how fast or when they would like to release it, my friends and I have decided as a joke it's going to be the American 4th of July. But it is all uncertain and since there should be a few more BWE's in May and June toward the end of May there could be a set release date. Get into a guild that does Missions, Vanquishes etc. daily, make some money so it's possible to get The Deep, Urgoz, FoW, UW, Sorrow Furnace, and Doa completed since that alone is 6 of the 40 statues you need and should cost between 250-350k. Everything else will cost you money or no money depending on if you play by yourself, play with friends or pay people to complete your titles. Mini pets are easy, all the 1-3 years are super cheap White, Purple, Gold and Green, Hero armors are very cheap, charming pets costs no money. the only challenge would be the Armors and Weapons but your goal should only be 30/50 which is far less of a challenge then 50/50
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A) Yes you can continue to complete achivements in gw1 even after gw2 is released.

B) There isn't an exact date for when gw2 will launch. Arena Net will launch it when it will be ready. There have been some rumors that it will be launched in June but there is no evidence and Arena Net doesn't back it up.
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If this is a real friend that you still know and keep in touch with you could just change the account from his to your email.

That said, I was in the exact same situation and ended up making my own since I couldn't get a hold of him anymore. Got it from a foreign student I used to live with but we haven't kept in touch for years, kindof annoying starting all over because at a minimum 50\50 is going to take you ~300-350 hours and that is provided you have all the money you need for titles, armors, weapons and all before you even start.
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Thanks guys for your input. I think I might just buy the complete edition and activate on my account. My friend didn't play his account for years and I got craploads of stuff that I will transfer to my account.
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