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Default Conquer of Sorrows Furnace help

I have completed "To Sorrows Furnace" quest which leads to completing 4 sub-quests. Following that you are eligible to completing "The Final Assault," which only has 1 sub-quest, am I correct? It's "The Forge Heart" and I collected my 8k exp reward. From what I've researched, that means I should get the Conquer of Sorrows Furnace and the statue for the HoM correct? I went to the HoM myself and no available option to displaying such statue popped up.

I've looked and couldn't find anything so If there is something I am missing, let me know.
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You may have missed collecting your reward for the correct quest. 8k xp reward comes from completing The Forge Heart from Ennis Granitstrider. However, The Final Assault rewards 10k xp and is collected from the Dwarven Prospector who gave you the To Sorrow's Furnace quest at the very beginning of the quest arc.

It's been awhile since I've done the complete run, but try going back to Deldrimor War Camp. Run outside and there *should* be a Dwarven Prospector outside with a "!" over his head...see if you can collect the reward from him. After that you should have the option to add the statue to your HoM.

Also, make certain your HoM is in character, not Account-wide view :P
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Yip, the statue/hom title is granted for completing the final assault. The 8k xp reward is for the subquest the forge heart. Simply walk out of the war camp, collect reward for the final assault and then go to the HoM (like said above, make sure it's character view and that you relogged if it doesn't work right away).
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