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Default Sorry for asking but I need advice

please forgive me asking this question, i just started playing prophecies and chose a bad 2nd profession for my warrior, he is lvl 11 now and has mesmer as 2nd profession. I know..... i didnt know much about the game as i never played it before. I have found on the web how to go a bout respeccing 2nd professions but i dont understand about what versions of game and which nps give whatever quests etc. So if possible could someone with a little patience and good will care to explain in a way a game noob can understand please on how i go about it and what lvl i need to be etc?

many thanks.
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Don't bother about second profession for now, you'll have too few attribute points anyway to spread them too much. Just focus on warrior ^^
You can change your secondary after Ascension, which in Prophecies takes place in the Crystal Desert, still a long way to go from where I suppose you are. Take your time and don't worry. By the time you get there you should be lvl 20 and with doing the attribute points quests you'll be able to start caring about secondary profession, not so much before.
After you'll have Augury Rock mission (which is the tyrian Ascension) done you will be able to do a quest for each of the core professions, after which you can freely change sec into that one, or go to the Great Temple of Balthazar and change sec to any profession in the game for 500g fee. After you unlockedy a secondary though you can freely swap them whenever in town.
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As mentioned above you don't need to worry about your second profession yet.

Just play the game as it is and eventually you will stumble upon the option of changing it.
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And even after Ascension, you really don't need to mind much about your secondary Profession. With a couple of minor exceptions (usually involving Necromancers), most people will generally use no more than two skills from their secondary, if not ignore it completely in favor of the PvE skills from late in Factions, the beginning of Nightfall, and throughout Eye of the North.

Although, for a Prophecies Warrior/Mesmer, doing The Hot Spring Murders in Nebo Terrace/Bergen Hot Springs to get Illusion of Weakness might be good (damages you when you cast it, but then sticks around and heals you for that amount of damage the next time you go below a quarter of your max health). Even just 4 points (101 damage/healing) in Illusion will give you a nice safety net. It saved my Prophecies Ranger/Mesmer (hasn't used his secondary in months - last time being for /Elementalist to use Conjure Lightning to boost his bow damage) a few times, actually.
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I'll also say - fagedaboutit! And I forgive you for asking

As has been said - as a warrior, your main mechanic is adrenaline and melee fighting, so you have a very small energy pool and it refills relatively slowly. Also, in the early stages (of any class) you don't have all your attribute points yet, and so, don't have that many to spread around.
As a Warrior, in the early stages, it's best to put your points into Strength or Tactics (as a base) and either Sword, Axe, or Hammer (as a main weapon) - depending upon what floats your boat - and ignore your secondary. You should use these early stages to experiment around and determine what works best for you, Warrior-wise.

By the time you get all your attribute points and are more settled about what type of Warrior you like, you will be able to take whatever secondary you want.

Also, note that while experimenting you can save builds as Templates. These templates include your secondary and points distribution as well as your skill-set. So, later in the game, after you have unlocked whatever secondaries you want, you can switch between secondaries either directly, by using a drop-own on your character panel, or by simply loading a Template.

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Why on earth are you so apologetic about asking a legitemate question? No-one here will bite your head off for asking things if you are new to the game
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If I may,
I would not dis your 2nd Class totally yet, look into invensting a few point into Illusion, for Clumsiness; or Domination for Empathy; and of course you can change in town.; just few points, that might give you an edge in a fight against other Warrior's or a little protection against Casters if they are proving a Nuisance. The Idea is (Generally) to use your 2nd Profession to complement your prime. Like Ele has no real Counter Spells, so an Ele/Mesmer has a fuller tool kit (IMHO).

BTW Z's right,
Originally Posted by Zebideedee View Post
Why on earth are you so apologetic about asking a legitemate question? No-one here will bite your head off for asking things if you are new to the game
If we were all born knowing this stuff, we might as well go home; please any ask any Questions you want; and if you find a Mission to be kinda Sticky, I finished Prophecies a month or so ago, so be happy to help; IGN Claudia de Anar; Guild is Costumed Aggression, and its a good Newbie Friendly Guild. BB.

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Originally Posted by Zebideedee View Post
Why on earth are you so apologetic about asking a legitemate question? No-one here will bite your head off for asking things if you are new to the game
This is, after all, the Questions and Answers section. You're SUPPOSED to ask questions here, and frankly asking about your build shows that, at the very least, you're putting some thought into it, which is a good thing.

I'd also note that as others have sort of hinted, mesmer isn't a horrible secondary for war. Some of the mesmer mantras (a type of "stance" skill) can offer additional defense. The Mantra of Flame skill, obtainable in a quest in Sardelac Sanitarium, reduces incoming fire dmg by a percent and gives 2 energy each time that fire dmg is received. Since Warriors have slightly lower armor vs. elemental damage, this can be somewhat helpful.

The thing to remember (which you've probably noticed) is that, as a warrior, you've got that miniscule energy pool. In addition, your energy regeneration is lousy. A lvl 20 warrior, likely with 20 energy, isn't going to want to spam Imagined Burden (15 energy) on an enemy. However, mesmer secondaries do have access to a bunch of 0-energy Signet skills that are great for a little extra versatility:
  • Leech Signet: interrupts foes and gives you energy, at NO cost to you. Great to interrupt that big, nasty dmg skill.
  • Ether Signet: Returns energy to you if you're under a certain amount of energy. Could be useful if you find yourself running out of the stuff.
  • Hex Eater Signet: remove hexes from adjacent allies, get energy for being helpful.
  • Signet of Clumsiness: Make target monster make a fool of itself, and receive dmg for it, next time it attacks.
  • Signet of Disenchantment: You lose ALL energy. Generally a bad idea, unless you can operate on zero energy (i.e., a build that uses "adrenaline" skills).
  • Signet of Disruption: Interrupt spell, do dmg. Can interrupt ANY skill (not just spells) as long as someone in your party has hexed the creature.
  • Signet of Distraction: Interrupt. For each signet you have, interrupted skill is disabled for a little while longer. This DOES include Healing Signet, if you use that.
  • Signet of Humility: Disable elite skill of target. Can be nice, but it really requires that A) you know what elite skill the enemy has in advance, and that B) the enemy really cannot operate without its elite.
  • Signet of Recall: Have -4 energy degen. Gain energy when this ends. Ok, but you actually lose net energy from this.
  • Signet of Weariness: cause energy loss, weakness. Don't underestimate Weakness in game, as it reduces dmg in some cases by quite a bit.
  • Unnatural Signet: Deal dmg to foe. Deal dmg to adjacent foes if target foe is hexed.
Note that some of these skills (Unnatural Signet, Signet of Recall, Signet of Distraction, Signet of Disruption, Signet of Disenchantment, Signet of Clumsiness, Ether Signet, and Hex Eater Signet) are not from the prophecies campaign, and you'd have to travel to Factions or Nightfall (from Lion's Arch) to access them.
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