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Default It's Been a Long Time...

Hello, everyone.

I apologize if I seem a tad unaware of how things run here, this is my first visit to these forums. I was hoping I might be able to get some help from the community. You see, I used to play Guild Wars a great deal. I blazed through the first three games, and ended after defeating Abaddon, then just stopped. I never played any of the Eye of the North, nor did I ever venture into the elite areas past the story of Nightfall.

Well, just recently, I decided to start again and see what all has changed... I was never really good at the game, I sort of just made my way through with Henchmen mostly. Could anyone direct me to a place where I could research how to play a Warrior again, heh...? (I don't wanna be a silly Wammo that sucks. ;-; ) I want to get back into this hard, start working on titles, getting some more 15k sets and such, but it's a bit daunting when I have no idea how to play Warriors anymore!

Also, if it's not too much trouble, does anyone have some good farming tips for me so that this little noob can start enjoying this game again?

Again, sorry if I'm a bit needy, hope I don't bother anyone with this. Thanks in advance. -bows-

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make a pre searing character as a warrior and go from there.
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Hi and welcome back.

I guess you played warrior in the past and you have played through all the content with it?

first of all an important link:

On this website you can find all kinds off builds for a lot of different purposes, both for yourself and for your heroes.

Second I would recoomend to start by redoing some of the startermissions. It is a great way to re-learn the basic mechanics of the game.

After that my advice is to take a deep breath and plunge yourself into eye of the north. You prolly find that if your build is okay you can do most of that storline too, if your heroes suck, just change some of them to henchman.

Last advise, join an active guild that is both helpfull and active.
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