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Old May 09, 2012, 03:23 AM // 03:23   #1
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Default Advice to finish 30/50 HoM

So I'm at 23/50 ATM. Goal is to get to 30/50. Link to what I have so far: AAABAAAAAFCAIQAAAAAA&todo=AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAA

There are quite a few things I can do to finish off my HoM but none of it is really straight forward to me, or how much its going to cost, which is why I am here. Over the last two weeks I managed to farm 100 zkeys doing JQ and FA over and over. However, I am not sure whether to sell my keys and use that money to finish my leftover HoM points (or if 100 zkeys would cover it) or to stick it out for another 100 keys and get the PVP statue. I am pretty burnt out on PVP after that grind session though, and the thought of grinding out another 100 keys at half the Balthazar/Imperial faction I was getting before does not sound appealing. I also don't know the market that well in this game. I don't know how much anything is worth, and when people start talking prices in "e" I get confused. I know that an e is an ecto, but since the price of ectos changes frequently I get easily lost.

Next thing I was thinking about doing was farming Tormented weapon and two more Oppressor weapons (already have 20 Metals of Honor but not used them yet), but I'm not sure if that is something that can be soloed since it involves doing several elite missions repeatedly.

After this though, I am at a complete loss as to what to do next. Any advice?
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Old May 09, 2012, 04:27 AM // 04:27   #2
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Woooow it's been a long time Since I went on this site, but seeing as how I came back to GW recently lemme see if I can help.

Looks like there are a LOT of gameplay related 'title' things to accomplish for honor. Master of the north, Sorrows furnace, the guardian/protector titles. I know they take more to get a single point, but doing them will also help fund anything else you may want to do.

Vabbian armor alone will earn you 2 points at once, so if you can afford it and don't mind the money I would go for that.

Looks like you got very few minipets. Lots of white mini pets go for real cheap for most years, so you could buy some of those off of players. Not sure on real prices but white minipets are super cheap, up until around the 4th year?

Oh and go for a PVP title. Thats 3 points right there. If I'm not mistaken you dont need a high rank in the pvp titles to be able to show it? Codex title or random arena for champion. Only need rank 3.

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Sell the keys for bout 5.5-6k. Try to get the highest offer. Get Vabbian Armor, and 2 more armors from EotN.


Get 10 stautes.

Buy some common cheap ones miniatures until 20 miniatures to get 2 points. Also get the 2 Opressor weapons and sell them for cash.

As for the statues do the fast easy ones like The Deep, UW, Urgoz Warren! Also get protector/guardian Sorrow's furnace etc.

Also try checking or the comprehensive guide which is sticked on the Q&A thread.

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Old May 09, 2012, 07:02 AM // 07:02   #4
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Most efficient in terms of cost, without playing loads of content for ages to grind titles.

Forget getting a tormented weapon, weapons are highly inefficient for HoM in terms of cost/benefit.

Sell the z keys for 600ish plat. Turn in the Medals of Honour and sell the Opp weapons for 100k each. That leaves you roughly 800k.

Fill the Rare minipet slot (+1)

Buy a variety of cheap unded minis to get 20 (+2)

Get Vabbian armor(+2)

Get 2 cheap other armors (norn, asura etc) (+2)
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Old May 09, 2012, 11:55 AM // 11:55   #5
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If you trully are sattisfied with 30/50 you should sell the keys. The pvp-statue only adds 3 points (and you only halfway so in theory you got 1,5 point). Knowing those keys are worth 600k, you can do better.

If you want 50/50 you need those keys to max it but you stated 30/50 so i go from there.

a: sell the keys for 600k.
b: the easiests points to get are: tormented weapon (1 point) plus 2 extra destroyer weapons to get 5 weapons (2 points). This would cost you bout 160k depending if you have mats for the destroyerweapons. off course it's cheaper and more proffitable if you can join speed runs in DoA to get the tormented weapon.
c: get a rare unded mini. Shouldn't cost you too much depending on the looks.
d: Play the game to add atleast 4 more statues to the honor monument. There are a lot of easy statues out there (kurzick and luxon are easy, so is sorrow's furnace and FoW).
e: Get vabian armor. it will add another 2 points (one for the armor and one for the 3th armor set).

now you should have 29/50. for the last point you have several options.
1: if you still have funding and got enough reputation with asuran/ebon vanguard/norn, get those elite sets. They are the cheapest sets and with two more statues your total is 5 and so you get another point. If you have additional funding you can always go for 2 other elite sets.

2: get 5 more title statues (above the 4 mentioned above) till you get 15 title statues. Carthographer is pretty boring but will reward you with 4 statues in total, but maybe others are closer, so check your title tab, and understand not all titles have to be maxed to put on display.

3: get 12 normal unded miniatures and add those to get 20 mini's in total.

Good luck!!
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Old May 09, 2012, 12:17 PM // 12:17   #6
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Sell the zkeys (or use them as currency when buying other stuff, some people trade them for ectos as well, just make sure you don't lose too much money on the trade), 200zkeys for 3 points is hugely inefficient. Even at 5k/zkey you'll look at 100 000k which is enough to buy quite a lot more points than 3.

Get the two oppressor weapons and a tormented weapon. that should put you at +2 from valor.

Buy a rare mini (20k or so)and 12 common (white year 1 and 2 (and maybe 3?) go for ~1.5k ea). You'll look at a roughly 60k investment for 3 points, maybe 80k if you can't find good deals. Make a habbit of visiting kamadan for 15mins each time you log on and you'll have your minis in notime. +3 from devotion.

This should put you at 28 points.

You have some easy titles to get, but I wouldn't recommend it. The timeinvestment/point is way much more than the armor requires. However, you'll be looking at spending quite some more gold on the armor. If you have mats or can farm them easily enough I'd recommend you do that as much as possible to save money.

Personally I'm a huge fan of the looks of the vabbian armor, so I'd aim for that, it will give you +1 for vabbian and +1 for 3 armors, a total of +2, which will set you at 30 hom points.
Or you could just aim for the 3 cheapest (or whatever armor you want) for 5 armor statues and you'll have +3. 31 total.

Alternative: You could combine the armor so you get a total of +4 and then cut the weapons or minis totally (still get rare though). Ending up on 30/50

35/50 isn't that far off though if you do all of it, and as I mentioned some titles that you have left are quite easy (like sorrow's furnace).

With the zkeys you should be able to afford most of it anyways, so it's just up to you what you want ot spend it on!

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Old May 09, 2012, 09:19 PM // 21:19   #7
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This was all some great advice. I sold the keys and got all the common minis out of the way. Still having trouble finding someone willing to sell a gold mini for a reasonable price though. Everyone wants 50k+, even for the first year ones.

Thanks guys. This has put me on the right track.
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As I have said replace the gold mini with some titles and you will be fine. The Deep, Urgoz Warren, Underworld are all stuff you can do in 30 mins, maybe 1 hour.
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Old May 11, 2012, 09:11 PM // 21:11   #9
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Originally Posted by rusticgamer View Post
As I have said replace the gold mini with some titles and you will be fine. The Deep, Urgoz Warren, Underworld are all stuff you can do in 30 mins, maybe 1 hour.
Do this ^^

Some of the titles are fairly easy, get Protector of Tyria and enough of the Eternal Conqueror of ... titles to take you to 10 statues for 1 point (or a tormentor weapon if you prefer to spend over pve).

Vabbian and 2x cheap armour sets gives you another 4 points, you can probably buy this with the gold you made from the Zkeys.

Then maybe pick up another 13 cheap minipets to take you to 20, to give you the final 2 points for 30/50.
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