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Default Understanding HoM account view and character view for completing sets


My question is: to get HoM points for completing a display set (for example a full display of armors or titles) do they need to be presented by the same character or can it be the sum of different character's armor presented in their own HoM (same account of course)?

The Wiki doesn't say its possible but, as far as I understand, It also doesn't say its not possible.

The reason I'm asking is that I've already presented an Norn armor with a warrior but now I'm hoping to use a different character to present the other 4 armors to complete the set.

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Short answer: Yes.

The HoM is account-based. Any toon on the account can contribute to it. So you can have multiple toons contributing armor (the headpiece isn't needed), mini pets, weapons, titles, etc. Just make sure you don't have multiple toons dedicating the same weapon/armor/mini multiple times as each only counts once (i.e. one Destroyer bow, regardless of whether it's a shortbow or longbow or whatever)
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Woot! thanks!
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Another thing regarding HoM is heroes.

If you upgrade, say, Gwen's armor on your ele (let's say Elementalist X) and add her to the HoM, if you enter the name of your sin (let's call him Assassin X) into the HoM calculator, it will be accounted for, as well as any other achievements ANY of your characters make and add to the HoM (as long as you log out before checking the calculator).

But, as has been said, keep in mind that you do not waste time/money/effort into adding something that you've already done, unless you really want it for a specific character or something. This way you can save money for things that are really needed, and save the time for completing titles that you need.
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Additionally, to ensure you aren't adding duplicate achievements, in HoM you can talk to Kimmes and he'll add to that character's HoM whatever other characters have contributed (This can of course be toggled off as well). If I remember correctly, you'll be able to tell apart that character's achievements from the others because the others will be small statues and generic (For example, you're on character A and character B's armor will be shown as a generic tiny male and female statue wearing the armor).
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Not quite; the generic armor statue is used when a particular armor isn't available for the character that's viewing it. For example, you can buy armor for a core character (W, R, Me, Mo, N, E) from Marhan's Grotto and any characters from those classes will see that suit of armor displayed. Go in there with a sin, rit, para or derv, however, and you will see the default statue. That is because there is no applicable armor to display.
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