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Exclamation GW Quests Factions campaign

Is there any benefits of doing all of factions quests , or is it best i just do all the missions and complete the campaign ?
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The quests (after the split) give you faction points.
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The biggest benefit to doing them is in gaining the XP for leveling up. They're also good for a ton of XP if you're looking to get the L.S. title without taking the whimpy route of grinding out Kilroy's.

Besides that, the ones in the Echovald Forest / Jade Sea can give you a nice little shot of Kurzick / Luxon points if you're going for either of those titles. (You'll need to farm up 10,000 of either faction to complete the story-line) They're especially heplful if you do the quests whenever and then wait to collect the quest rewards until a double Luxon/Kurzick rewards weekend. It doesn't sound like a lot, but anything you do to cut into that 10,000,000 point requirement helps.

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ok thanks for the feed back.
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See here:

Most important thing there is the quests that offer attribute points; you need to make sure you do those so you aren't behind everyone else.

Also, fun/extra background info is never a bad thing.

EDIT: Just noticed that that link is oddly missing skills as a possible reward. Factions doesn't have many skill quests though; so it's not particularly relevant.
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They're here, Marty:

Pretty much all on Shing Jea, except the cap sig. Prophecies was the place for free skills, the rest of the series was very stingey.
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you'll want the Lux/Kurz sidequest faction so you can get the Leet L/K armors... theres some really nice looking areas in factions you could miss too.

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Old May 28, 2012, 10:56 AM // 10:56   #8
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first of all there is no overall reward for doing all those quests, but, there are rewards. If you originated in factions the quests on the island reward some nice skills and two of them give you attribute points, making you more "powerfull". The quests on the mainland in the city (also available if you didn't start in factions) give extreme high rewards in xp-points making lvl-ing a lot easier plus the amount of money rewarded is very nice as well.

After you leave the city all the quests give kurzick/luxon title points. if this is your first time through those quests are needed anyways to do an overall quest called befriending the luxons/kurzicks (depending of wich path you pick, but all will be explained when you reach that point). that quest needs to be done before being able to go to the last 4 missions. besides that the luxon/kurzick title points reward a nice title and some nice armour (the elite version counts as extra points for your HoM if you're interested in that)
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