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Default Is there a list of valuable skins?

If there isn't it would be very helpful to new players and semi-new players. How could you find out if a skin is valuable without spamming?
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As far as I'm aware, there's not a specific list of every skin of every item that might be valuable. There are list's showing valuable inscription skins, green and unique pricing as well as general pricing of mini-pets and such. Other than that, you can check out online selling/buying forums to get an idea of what people are buying and selling items for, or post in a "price check" forum to see what price people think an item is worth (and save yourself spamming in general/trade chat).

List of links to various guides (minipet pricing, rare inscription skin pricing, green & unique skins pricing, general basic price guide)
Guru's Price Check Forum
Guru's Ventari's Corner (price check, selling & buying) forum
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Here's a great link to save:

Good way to get decent price checks or minimally see if a skin you haven't heard of is valuable or not.
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You could easely make a list for it, but really, it depends on how much is valuable to YOU
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This and similar threads.
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Yep agreed with Olle. Valuable is relative. For folks that have been playing this game forever and have built mini or maxi fortunes, items that might sell for 15k, 20k, etc may not be considered valuable whereas for newish players that would be a lot.

Using argos estimator is a good idea to get relative value though those prices are for what sellers are asking and not neccesarily what it sold for if it even sold. The links to the various guru price check list (the guide on OS stuff and rare inscription stuff) are great but they really cover items that are likely beyond reach of most new players (again value being relative and the guides usually being put out are by long time players with great net worths).

So no one source would provide you the info you need im afraid. Argos will help some, the guru price lists will help some, googling price checks can help some though realize that prices for items tend to fall over time, sometimes by ALOT, so any googled price checks older than a few months may no lomger reflect actual value.

There are some basic rules you can follow to exclude what is not valuable enough beyond face/merch value. For inscribed items, if they are not on the rare skin guru guide, and are NOT req 9 or lower...they generally can be merched...unless they carry a mod (ie. +30 fortitude, 20/20, +20% enchant, furious for spear, zealous for dagger/scythe, etc) or inscription (+5e, 15^50, aptitude not attitude, forget me not, etc) that is considered desirable by others. If so then you would salvage that from the item and sell it instead of the item. For none inscribable items, the general guru price guide is fine (though as with inscribable items, be on the lookout for valuable mods even if the item itself is not valuable).

If it will help ill list what i feel are from high end to mid tier inscribable items that have resale value.


Here's a list of INSCRIBABLE items that based on a good deal of personal selling experience carries value enough so that beyond face value of item and therefore may be worth actually attempting to sell (be it spamming in kamadan or selling it either in the Sell forum or in guru auctions section).

Note: I'm not going to list Oppressor, Destroyer and Tormented items which carry a great deal of value for both their material costs to make as well as for their HOM value because I'd just be repeating it for every item. Nor am I going to list other items that can be crafted, nor any of the Envoy stuff. And obviously, some is opinion and I may miss some others. Also other than the items listed in the rare inscription price check post on guru, unless it's req 9 (maybe 10 for a few of the items), it's not going to be worth selling for the most part. None-iscribable only items you can find what's valuable in the none-inscribed thread.


Spears generally have a very good resale environment on account of it being the only ranged one handed weapon (great for paragons obviously, but also the general "caster weapon" of choice). Valuable spears tend to be those spears with the really large or distinguished heads.

List - Voltaic (obviously), Demoncrest, Ceremonial, Nightmare (though kinda not really anymore), Sunburst, Suntouched, Greater Guardian, Draconic, Serrated, Ornate, Forked.


List - Eaglecrest, Chaos, Pyroclastic, Stygian & White Reavers (though kinda not anymore), Hecket, Shadow, Morningstar, Tribal, Dwarven, Runic, Zodiac, Celestial, Dragoncrest


What I've noticed in general is that larger daggers tend to be desired more (much like spears) though that's not always the case.

List - Demon Fang, Storm, Ceremonial, Chromium Shards, Zodiac, Steel (rare version), Salient, Dragon Kamas (not regular Kamas).


List - Dryad, Silverwing, Storm, Eternal, Zodiac, Celestial, Ironwing, Grinning, Oaken


List - Magmas, Mursaat, Summit, Clouded, Craw Claw Maul, Desolation Maul, Melon, Spiked Club, Tetsubo, Wolf, Zodiac, Celestial, Gavel of Nephilim, War (Ascalon, Ball, Spiked skins), Zodiac, Celestial.


List - Dhuums, Clockwork, Demon Tongue, Insectoid, Tentacle, Draconic, Nightmare, Suntouched, Saurian, Steelhead, Bonecage, Grim.


List - Crystalline, Eternal, Jitte, Obsidian, Emerald, Katana, Golden Phoenix, Shinobi, Zodiac, Celestial, Wicked, Legendary, Briar, Dadao, Cerulean Edge, Colossal Scimitar, Dead, Violet Edge, Dusk Blade, Fiery Gladius, Vampiric & Icy Dragon Swords.


List - Draconic, Eternal, Magmas, Zodiac, Celestial, Emblazoned Defender, Exalted Aegis, Guardian of the Hunt, Embossed Aegis, Sun & Moon, Darkwing Defender, Ebonhand Aegis, Oaken Aegis, Plated, Vabbian Defender, Kappa, Aureate Aegis, Demonic Aegis.


Value depends not only on skin but by attribute (some skins come in multiple attributes). The more popular attributes (domination, channelling, fire, healing, etc) carry more value obviously than the less popular attributes.

List - Bone Dragon, Cobalt, Chrysocola, Ancient Moss, Crystal Flame, Winged, Dark Tendril, Boneclaw, Platinum, Fuchsia, Earth Staff (Obsidian skin), Fire Staff (Canthan skin), Zodiac, Celestial, Ghostly, Embercrest, Moldavite, Suntouched, Turqoise, Zodiac, Celestial.


Same with staves, for wands that come in multiple attributes, the attribue impacts value.

List - Frog Scepter, Topaz Scepter, Dragon Breath, Guardian Branch, Serpentine, Zodiac, Wayward, Celestial.


List - Celestial Compass, Straw Effigy, Pronged Fan, probably some more, not really an expert on Focus items.


You can use this as a base on whether you should pursue possibly selling an item to another player (vs. selling it directly to a merchant). The items that are already on the rare price check list you can use that as the guide. Everything else? You can probably argos it.

For items not listed here but that are req 9 you could still try to sell it. Would not suggest doing so in Kamadan since you'd be spending a long time there. Instead for bottom tier req 9 inscribables (i.e. ones not listed in this thread), try using the guru auctions. Takes you about a minute to create an auction and sell it for like 1-2k, someone will eventually buy it...IF you are the type of person that likes to pinch every penny (I did when I was starting out).

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