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I've had my account for I think 7 years (Whenever GW was released). I quit shortly before HoM was released. I just started playing again about a month ago and I'm already basically 30/50 (Really 28/50 but I'm just too lazy to buy one minipet and 17 zkeys which would get me to 30/50).

It's really not hard to get just 30/50. Doesn't take much time and it definitely shouldn't cost you much, if anything. In reality, you don't need to spend ANY gold to hit 30/50, not even farming (Although it would take more time). 50/50 is honestly only for the players that have nothing better to do than to farm like crazy and/or illegally buy gold/ectos.

For example. Today alone I spent 120e to buy 360 Gladiator Strongboxes (No more money from my El Kuuna ) and I only got about 500 drunkard, sweets and party animal points out of that and about 30 zkeys, including gold coins and points from chest (btw, if you're trying to max those titles, do not buy strongboxes, just buy the spammable points or zkeys).

50/50 is really a commitment. It takes a lot of time and a lot of money. I seriously suggest you do not pay someone to get you to 50/50, I can guarantee you'll never see that account again without going through support and having it rolled back. The truth is, yes it is against the ToS but you more than likely won't get caught unless the person doing it happens to be using bots in order to get some of the bot-able titles. However, ArenaNet DOES track trades done by known bot-farming accounts, so if you have a gold seller/powerleveler/whatever do it and they transfer items to your character through a storage character on a flagged account, you will most likely be caught and banned or suspended and rolledback.

You can slowly get GWAMM though. Zaishen quests help with this a lot. If you go for Vanquisher titles, doing 1 vanquish per day, using the Zaishen quest, you'll get that title in 4 1/2 months. Same thing with Guardian. For Skill Hunter, cap skills as you vanquish or work on Guardian. Max Cartography as you vanquish. Plus allegiance titles which will be most likely maxed from VQ'ing and doing missions, such as Sunspear, Lightbringer, Deldrimor, Ebon Vanguard, Asura and Norn. Right there in 4 1/2 months, you got 24 titles maxed. Just 6 short of GWAMM... Simply by doing 2 things every day. If you're lucky (No pun intended), you can max Lucky, Wisdom, Treasure Hunter or Unlucky by bringing along lockpicks and opening chests while you do all that, getting you up to an additional 4 titles and 2-5 titles short of GWAMM. That equates to devoting a mere 1 hour or less every day to GWAMM.

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