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Default Old Guild Wars account, Ncsoft account unknown

Not sure how to explain this exactly but basically I have a Guild Wars account, I can log in to it and everything, here is the thing, I know it must be linked to an NCsoft master account somewhere but I have no idea how to access it and no idea what the user name is if it even exists. I have had this Guild Wars account since a little before Factions, at least 6 months or so before so I am not sure if they are separate accounts or could I just have a Guild Wars account? Has anyone else had issues like this?

Also on the site when I try to change my email address it says the service is unavailable at this time.
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You don't necessarily have an NCMA just because you have the GW account. Have you ever purchased anything through the in game store (extra character slots, storage panels, game expansions or unlock packs)?

If not you likely don't have a master account & are trying to remember non-existent login in formation.
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If you know for a fact you have a master account but don't remember any info, NCSoft should be able to restore it through support, provided you give them the required identifying information (Such as last 4 digits of CC used for any in-game store purchases, addon keys, name of account owner, etc.). I had to to kind of the same thing. A couple years ago when they did the mass-error banning for fraud, I got caught in it. It was fun throwing 10-15 CC's at them until I finally found the right card I used. Fortunately, a CC is enough. I could not for the life of me remember any keys except my NF key.

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