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Default New Player - Mercenary Heros

I was wondering how Mercenary heroes work. From the way it reads on wiki you are simply paying to have your character skin and class as an option for a hero. I.E. if I turn my Paragon into a Hero Mercenary, he will look like the way he did when I submitted him, however, I will have to get weapons and runes on him for every other character that wants to use him for a total of seven different Hero Mercenary versions. Also, it seems that the status of the Hero Mercenary version will not affect the character, so if the Hero Mercenary version has better gear from using him more it will not affect the character version. I am looking to power level 7 more heroes to 20 and use all 8 and gear them all up at once, but it does not seem like this will be the case. Also can they only be used in Nightfall? I am hoping for a Neverwinter Nights experience pretty much where you create your own group fully instead of just the hero.

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Old Jun 21, 2012, 07:09 PM // 19:09   #2
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"They behave exactly like any other hero, but are copies of your own characters."

That means exactly what it says. Heroes can be used anywhere and you can put seven heroes in your group. I suggest you look up "Hero" on the wiki.
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It sounds like you've got most of the mercenary thing right. Only thing I might add is that there is no "power leveling" of a mercenary hero. They are level 20 "out of the box", as a character has to be level 20 to make a mercenary out of him/herself. You can make a whole stable of mercenaries if you have the characters to do so... or make and remake a PvP character over and over. You could kit them all out at once, if you had the money for runes and weapons.

Mercenaries can be used in any campaign, not just Nightfall.

Hope that helps!
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Old Jun 21, 2012, 07:20 PM // 19:20   #4
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I ment powering them to 20 so they could be turned into mercs is all. Wiki siad they need to be 20 to be cloned.
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there are diff ways to aquire Mercs also.

E.G if you have a spare slot make a PVP char
lets call it John and its a Necro.
You now take John to the become a Merc
He is now LEVEL 20.....(The Merc called John )

You now delete that PVP called John
You now make another PVP toon ( A ritulist) call it Peter.

You do same as above till you have all the Mercs you wish and professions

They are now level 20 so you will now have to equip them with wepons /runes ect but they are all level 20

Hope this helps some
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Old Jun 22, 2012, 01:23 AM // 01:23   #6
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the other perk to mercs is that you can get more of a given primary profession than heroes are available. if you wanted to run with 7 warriors for whatever reason, you could do so.
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