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Default HoM - 8 Points

Could anyone provide me with a quick walkthrough of getting just 8 points in the HoM? I only want 8 as I am aiming for the 'Living Shortbow' for my GW2 Ranger. I have all campaigns and EOTN but very little gold. Thanks to anyone who can help

P.S. I am looking for the quickest route - keeping in mind that I don't have much gold.
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Accounts linked=3 points
mox= 1 pt
any lvl 20 pet= 1 pt

Either do i.e Protector of Tyria, Nightfall&cantha, or buy 1 common, one rare, and one uniqe mini.
R4 Luxon/kurz is also a nice +1 that is easy to get.
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are we there yet?
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if you have all the chapters you should be able to get 8 points easily since you get 3 points for just HAVING them...
so you really need only 5 points.
olle suggests mox as he is the easiest to get if you have reached level 20 (can be found outside of kaineng, kamadan or lions arch).
getting a level 20 pet is also pretty easy--you can create a pvp ranger and take its pet to the menagerie and then cap it with your main character.
finishing ANY of the chapters will net you another statue--for 2 points on the honor one
and ANY common (white) mini will get you the one point for the devotion--you can get a 1st year bday mini in kamadan usually for 1 plat or less.

here is a link for the hom points:
where is the 'all you can eat' cookie bar?
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Old Jun 21, 2012, 06:32 PM // 18:32   #4
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How far have you progressed with each campaign? The final mission, even on NM, will award a statue for the Honor monument. Even one statue will net you another two points for your goal.

If you've completed all three campaigns, that's three, which puts you near the Five Statue award. If you've completed any Guardian tracks or are close, that's more statues.

One statue will award you 2 points
Five statues will award you another 3 points
Linked account will award you 3 points
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Get your free 10 zkeys yet? Minis + Pets are easy, as well as Hero armor.
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