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Originally Posted by Relyk View Post
If you follow the quest line in Nightfall, you get to a point where you need a certain rank in Sunspear and have to grind mobs, which takes forever. Getting to level 7 in itself doesn't take long.
There is absolutely no grind for Sunspear rank, if you:

1. do every secondary quest. Don't forget to revisit outposts after completing each of the first 3 missions on the Istan island.
2. whenever you enter an explorable area, talk to every sunspear scout at each resurrection shrine you see and get the sunspear bounty. Don't evade enemies, kill every enemy in sight while you are doing your quests.
3. do every mission with master bonus

If you do this, your sunspear title rises automatically, so it is high enough once you get to the quests that require certain ranks. As a side effect, you also get enough money as a new player to be able to buy the maximum armor that is available at the Consulate Docks mission outpost.
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Double pve title points don't include those from storybooks.
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Hehe, so another question....when folks talk about builds I'm assuming that they're referring to the whole team etc of Heroes. I mean do they spec Koss as Warrior/Mesmer etc with specific skills and then do the same for the entire team?
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Our wiki is amazingly intuitive. It's always worth doing a wiki search on a term and see if it's already been covered. We actually have a page on "Build". Generally it's a term for the bar of 8 skills. We also refer to "team builds" which refers to the skill setup for the whole team (people or heroes).

And yes, creating synergistic builds for you and your team of heroes is an important (and fun!) part of Guild Wars.
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I'm gonna take a look at that I think. Thanks!
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