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Default Bosses - Lone Wolves

Any bosses that are alone that dont have popups(or easy to avoid popping) that are not surrounded by enemies at all and are ranged?
i cant find a list of the ones that are alone.
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I dont know why you ask this question, but till now only few names come to mind:

* Maw the Mountain Heart but its spot is random and may not always spawn
* Jormungand, another wurm that not always spawns
* Ssissth the Leviathan, another wurm but afaik no random spawn
* Kanaxai as you can seperate Kanaxai from the Nightmare Horde (if you play it right)
* Glint at the end of The Dragon's Lair mission

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Byzzr Wingmender, of Melandru's Hope, springs to mind immediately. It's right outside an outpost and the remainder of its mob only pops up if you get close. You can kill the boss with a solo caster.
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google "guild wars solo green boss farming", there should be a couple of cantha bosses listed killable without concerning yourself with their group (if any)
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