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Default Q about "Protector of Factions / Elona" & Shining Blade Bounties

Regarding - Protector of Cantha/Factions.

To get protector of Cantha/Factions title I believe I have to get the bonus for all missions right? Both local and foreign Vizuna Square? Both the Luxon and Kurzick missions (ie Echovald Forest (Kurzick path) vs Jade Sea (Luxon path) & The Eternal Grove / Gyala Hathery)

What I don't know is can you do the opposite faction missions if you sided with one faction? Or would you need to grind points to switch to that side?

IE say I initially went with the Kurzick's (Echovald Forest followed by The Eternal Grove) could I straight away go and do the Luxon missions (Jade Sea & Gyala Hatchery) for their bonuses and the title? Or would I need to farm Luxon points to switch sides before I could then do the missions?

Asking because I have some interest in looking at getting Kurzick armor, but also interested in getting the Protector of Catha/Factions title. So just wondering if it would be best for me to initially do the missions as Luxon or Kurzick - if you have to grind points to do the other side's missions, probably best to initially go through the luxon side then grind Kurzick points to then get Kurzick missions for Protector title, then can work on points / gold / amber / etc for the Kurzick armor I'm considering getting?

Regarding - Elona Protector

The missions do branch, so I realize you will need to do double missions at points to get the protector title, although there thankfully is no issue with possibly needing to grind reputation points to switch. However, what I don't know is can you do the "other" missions straight away? Or do you have to complete the campaign first before going back to do them?

IE early on the missions branch between Rilohn Refuge and Pogahn Passage, can you go and do the other missions straight away or would you have to wait till finish the campaign? (Personally, I'm suspecting wait till end, as it wouldn't make much sense story wise if you could do both at the same time)

Regarding - Shining Blade Bounties

Are these still available if you complete the full "War in Kryta" quest line? Curious, if complete the War in Kryta quests, can I still do the bounties to slowly work on getting War supplies,to convert to Medals of Honor, to slowly buy all Oppressor Weapons?
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First of all you should definately go kurzick side first if thats the side you plan on spending time on. The only "extra" mission you need to do for protector of cantha is Eternal Grove/Gyala Hatchery and to get to that you only need to follow a small quest chain with not much grinding involved.

For the elona title i'm not sure about that but you should probably just beat the campaign first anyway.

you can do the bounties after you beat the quest chain
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Old Jul 05, 2012, 01:14 AM // 01:14   #3
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You'll need to complete NF once through before you can do the other missions, because it's not until after the last mission when you're able to get the 2 other heroes required.
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As far as I recall, you don't actually have to do Vizunah Square local AND foreign. One or the other completes that requirement. Though, for the sake of the cartography title, you'll need to go to both places.

Yes, you'll need to do both the Kurzick and Luxon story lines for this title. That means you'll have to amass 10k faction for each side to advance the relevant quests (they begin with journey to HzH, or journey to cavalon).

For Nightfall, some of the missions require specific heroes that you won't be able to get in one go, due to the branching story line. So you'll have to complete the campaign to unlock the heroes you missed, then go back and do the respective missions. This can be a pain, but that's how it is. You shouldn't have to repeat any missions though, just go to the mission outposts for the ones you missed the first time through and do them.

As for the WiK bounties, as I recall completing the battle for lion's arch (the final quest in the chain) resets the tyria spawns to normal. However, I think you can get a quest from someone in LA that will activate them again. Or, you can do stuff in the hearts of the North missions, where you will also earn WiK rewards. Having a daily WiK bounty should also set the spawns to WiK mode, so that's another way to go.

Good hunting!
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Nope, just one Vizunah will do. Just as well, because just getting into Vizunah Square local is quite tricky in itself.

As to the opposing missions in Nightfall, hmm...

I think (but I'm not certain) that it should be possible to do those with someone else who has the requisite heros, if you don't want to finish the game first.
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Factions - aswered above

NF - You must either wait until the end of campaign (you get all heroes unlocked) or get someone with an appropriate hero.

WiK - Yes, Wanted by the Shining Blade bounty is available ever since you can access LA Keep.
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are we there yet?
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Originally Posted by Captain Bulldozer View Post
As far as I recall, you don't actually have to do Vizunah Square local AND foreign. One or the other completes that requirement. Though, for the sake of the cartography title, you'll need to go to both places.

actually you dont need it for carto either (have leg carto on 2 characters who never got to the 'other' viz). and yes one completes them both.
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Originally Posted by cosyfiep View Post
actually you dont need it for carto either (have leg carto on 2 characters who never got to the 'other' viz). and yes one completes them both.
True but it saves some extra lean way for cartho. if your "born" in factions you can simply walk to foreign quarters, the fight there are pretty easy. If your from other campaigns you need to team up with a local character that has mayhem in the market active. I never had too much trouble finding one (just go to marketplace aed and offer help with the quest)

But as being said you don't need to do vizunah square or unwaking waters twice for protector title. The only mission you skip when doing the main storyline is eternal grove or Gyala hatchery. to reach it you need to do befriending the luxon's or befriending the kurzicks wich requires 10k of factions. but given the fact that you can now do hardmode vanguish it should be a big problem so one to two vanguishes in the luxon/kurzick area's should do the trick.

For nightfall the answer is given but to recap: you need certain heroes to start certain missions. if you picked another hero you can get that hero in the throne of secrets after the last mission (they offer a quest there that is so easy you will laugh). If you missed that you need to redo the last mission again. you can also ask a friend to help you out and load his hero in.

Shining blade bounty's keep being available after you finish WiK. without bounty's active the area's will be filled with the old foes from before WiK. If you have a bounty active they will have the WiK foes.
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Just a few points to above posts,
If you were Kurzick and wanted the Luxon end for protector you have to befriend the Luxon and obtain 10k faction.
Its not a grind to get that if you do the following spend whatever Kurzick you have before doing Luxon by buying amber( for kurzick armour you need that) or donate to guild for rank points.

This enables you to get blessings from the priest at Luxon side where you get double luxon points hence it will be a lot quicker to obtain . if you have a few toons thats reached HZH take them over to luxon as well so that they do not need to befriend at a later date and have the quest for Gala Hatchery.

Also for war supplies yes the bounties are good also if you have completed the other part Hearts of the north. you can also do E.G guise as Thackery thats gives you gold, Vanguard points, war supplies and drops so you can do this to do both at same time heres the link for that
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