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Default How do I get back to HoM/EotN?

Hi guys,

I've been playing GW on and off for a while now, very casually. The travel thing messes with me once in a while soooo...

I was once at EotN and of course HoM. I did some of the EotN quests (think I did all of the Norn side and part of the Char side..) but then went back to the old continent where Kamaden is. I remember doing more quests back there, but then went on break for a while. (RL, you know).

So now what I can't figure out is how to I get back to HoM to check on it, place stuff, etc or even to finish EotN quests for that matter.

Any ideas?

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Check the world map, around Lion's Arch, Kamadan or Kaineng Center for a purple-ish marker that has some sort of eye in it (if I remember things right). It will take you to Boreal Station and you can from there map travel or just fight your way to where you want to go.
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You have unlocked "campaign travel" so you can travel via the boat-icon on the world map.

Eye of the North is part of Tyria, so when you travel to Lion's Arch (also Tyria) then you also will see all unlocked EotN outposts on your worldmap.
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The problem is that EoTN outpost and so the HoM is an outpost instead of a town. So on the zoomed out map it isn't marked. So GODh you are right, but the hard part is to know where to zoom in when you don't remember where it is. Kry's advice is imo the best. Use the purple icon to travel to boreal station and then use the map to travel to the eye of the north (it is just a little bit to the north of boreal station). When there you might want to zoom in/out on the map a few times to memorize the location so you can use GODh method in the future cause it is a bit faster.
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